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Perceptyx looks forward to joining industrial and organizational psychologists and HR leaders from across the globe at this year’s SIOP Conference. Perceptyx thought leaders will be participating in various panel discussions and a workshop during the event, bringing to light the latest in people analytics, changes in the workforce, and what lies ahead. Once the event goes live, we will provide links to the on-demand sessions below! Here’s a preview of where you can find us:

  • [Session] Messy Validation VI: What would you do if...? With Brett Wells, Director of People Analytics: This session brings together experienced I-O practitioners to explore how they would overcome unexpected situations when validating, implementing, and maintaining assessment solutions. Participants will discuss in small groups how they might deal with various situations and will also hear expert panelists’ insights.
  • [Panel Discussion] A New War for Talent: Should Battle Plans Differ by Gender? With Emily Killham, Client Data Researcher and Ellen Lovell, PhD, Senior Consultant: Employee retention is a surprising issue during the pandemic, specifically among talented women. Employee reasons to leave an organization differ by gender, and it is time to address the differences. Data show that retention of men is driven by culture, but women stay when empowered in their roles. This, and specific actions taken in panelist organizations, will impact organizations’ way forward.
  • [Panel Discussion] Hindsight is 2020: What 2020 Taught Us About Employee Listening and People Analytics With Sarah Johnson, PhD, VP of Enterprise Surveys and Analytics, Perceptyx and Brett Wells, Director of People Analytics: Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest have had a dramatic impact on daily lives, challenging many previously held assumptions about how people, teams, and organizations should work. This session brings together recognized thought leaders in employee listening and people analytics to share lessons learned during these turbulent times.
  • [Panel Discussion] Supporting and Retaining Parents and Caregivers in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond With Megan Steckler, Director of Client Consulting: Working parents have faced unprecedented challenges in the wake of COVID-19. In this session, panelists will discuss the impact of the pandemic on working parents and offer a variety of approaches for supporting caregivers. They will examine the effectiveness of various benefits, policies, behaviors and practices for retaining parents as well as reducing the mental health and career burdens.

Our sessions will be available for viewing April 14th through May 7th. 

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