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It is a long-standing and recently re-confirmed fact that employees leave managers, not companies. Organizations have the opportunity to help managers become leaders that know how to navigate the ever-changing workplace, while inspiring teams to do their best work.

Perceptyx is excited to bring you Cultivate 360 Feedback & Intelligent Coaching: a comprehensive, hyper-personalized, and scalable leadership development solution. This webinar will address how to help managers assess their strengths and weaknesses in relation to your leadership competency model through 360 Feedback, and also provide real-time coaching.

Watch our experts and a special guest from SAP as they take an up-close look at the power of Intelligent Coaching and discover how to:

  • Jointly take advantage of 360 feedback and intelligent coaching to increase the impact of your leadership development program,

  • Deliver personalized coaching to every manager to drive measurable behavior changes,

  • Encourage healthy management practices that foster engagement, and

  • Align managers with your organization’s unique leadership competencies and values.

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