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Your managers must walk a precarious leadership tightrope, balancing productivity, performance, and the personal well-being of their teams. In our latest research, we dig into the specific behaviors that impact the Manager-Employee relationship, how the stresses of our current environment have impacted manager effectiveness, and the practices that are most important to manifesting healthy relationships and business outcomes.
In this on-demand recording, we reveal our findings and provide recommendations on the steps both managers and employees can take to succeed together in the future of work.
During the session, we cover:
  • How “the Manager Squeeze” has changed both the reality and perception of the skills managers need today,
  • How both managers and employees rank the behaviors that are key for a great experience, including responsiveness, asking for opinions, recognition, and more,
  • What managers say about the enablement and coaching being provided today, as well as, the gaps to be filled
  • The role of technology, including AI-driven solutions, to deliver more personalized, accessible solutions for manager development.

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