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Compensation has become one of the hottest and most vexing topics for People leaders. Triggered by unprecedented turnover, rising inflation, ongoing talent shortages, and more, the role of compensation – for both attracting and retaining key talent – is getting new scrutiny from management and employees alike. 

A number of companies have responded to these pressures with large raises or other financial incentives, while others continue to struggle with the question, What’s actually changed? Has compensation truly become a more potent driver of engagement or intent to stay? Or, in keeping with past precedent, do workplace dynamics such as company culture and career advancement still rank higher?

To answer this question, Perceptyx conducted a large panel study of both People leaders and employees to understand how (or if) the role of compensation is shifting within the employee experience.

Watch Hanan Wakeem, a Principal Consultant and veteran compensation strategist with hrQ, and Perceptyx Research Director Emily Killham in this session hosted by Reworked as we debut the full study results and reveal:

  • The compensation strategies and tactics HR leaders are deploying now to attract and retain talent,
  • What employees – specifically recent job changers – are saying about the role of compensation in their decision-making, and
  • How organizations should reimagine their total rewards package in response to this data.

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