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The next generation of the Perceptyx People Insights Platform

Elevate insights, empower action

Welcome to the future of employee listening & action. The next generation of the People Insights Platform seamlessly integrates diverse listening channels and leverages AI and advanced people analytics to deliver personalized insights within the flow of work, enabling data-driven decisions—to drive change and deliver impact.

Perceptyx People Insights Platform

Integrated Listening

Streamlined management across multiple listening channels for comprehensive insights

  • Research-backed

    Our People Insights Model covers all aspects of your employees’ experience to illuminate successes and uncover areas for improvement

  • Effortless Listening

    Easily create, launch, and manage listening events from a single access point

  • Multi-Channel

    Collect employee feedback and perceptions through multiple methods such as in-depth surveys, quick pulses, triggered lifecycle events, 360 and 180 feedback, and crowdsourcing

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Listening Events

Advanced Analytics

Customized reporting and comprehensive analytics

  • Demographic Analysis

    Quickly identify demographic subgroups with differing experiences, enabling targeted action

  • Driver Analysis

    Identify unique drivers of engagement, retention, well-being, burnout, or any other outcome of interest across groups, providing a detailed understanding of what truly matters

  • Cross-survey Analytics

    Understand how key moments in the employee journey influence the overall employee experience

  • Comment Analysis

    Proprietary NLP models extract nuances of sentiment, theme, intent, and emotion from within large volumes of open-ended comments

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demographic crosstab

Focused Insights

Actionable recommendations and data-driven decision support

  • Focused Dashboards:

    Easily customize and share dashboards that focus on key issues or specific subgroups with the new Analytics Studio

  • HotSpot Reports

    Quickly pinpoint areas to prioritize action, zeroing-in on key themes or areas of focus

  • Trending

    Understand shifts in employee sentiment over time, allowing you to show progress against talent priorities

  • Robust Benchmarks

    Contextualize your data against comprehensive benchmarks from dozens of industries and millions of data points

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platform dashboard

AI-Enabled Action

Personalized engagement and AI-powered guidance

  • AI Insights Engine

    Personalized insights delivered in the flow of work enable managers to maintain focus on action throughout the year

  • Prescriptive Recommendations

    Receive expert recommendations and curated resources from our in-depth research and extensive EX expertise

  • Dynamic Alerts

    Personalized notifications and reminders about survey invitations and next steps for action

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personalized insights
survey results

Your Data, Your Way

Flexible data management and accessibility

  • Seamless Integration

    Easily integrate and move data within your HR tech stack with HRIS system connections

  • Cloud-Agnostic Processing

    Ensure your data is processed wherever you prefer with cloud-agnostic computing

  • Role-Based Access

    Grant the right people access to insights through configurable permission structures

  • Enterprise Engagement:

    Engage employees across the organization through Microsoft Teams notifications and alerts

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platform dashboard

Close the Gap Between Insights and Action

Transform intention into tangible results with personalized, AI-driven recommendations, inspiring actions that enhance the employee experience and foster a more productive, healthy organization.

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Thriving Customers Tell The Best Stories

We partner with customers to envision and execute world-class people strategies.

  • Hitachi

    “For us, the employee survey has become a true north. Prior to working with Perceptyx, our survey of Hitachi, Ltd.'s 100,000 employees in Japan took six months to analyze and a year to get results reported. Perceptyx turned that around with a cutting edge, real-time product. The survey is now one of the most valued tools inside Hitachi.”

    Levent ArabaciGM, Hitachi Human Capital Group
  • C.H. Robinson

    “It was an easier tool to use,” said Kunitz, “and we could see it being more relatable for our managers and leaders who would be interacting with dashboards. But it also really came down to the team. I felt way more comfortable with the Perceptyx team.”

    Laura KunitzPrincipal Organizational Effectiveness Consultant
  • Carhartt

    “Feedback is the important thing—a score is just a score. Our interest was in improving the overall experience, and to find those opportunities, we needed to dive deeper.”

    Scott HicksSenior Organizational Development Specialist

People Insights Platform

Drive Change, Deliver Impact


Employee surveys to illuminate the employee experience

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Crowdsourced insights to engage your people on the topics that matter most

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Lifecycle surveys and always-on listening to keep pace with your people

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360 feedback and Intelligent Coaching to improve manager effectiveness

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