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The People Insights Model

A science-backed approach to EX transformation using employee insight and action

Empowering HR Leaders to Unlock Change

In today’s dynamic business environment, understanding and addressing the diverse and changing needs of your people is crucial to maintain a competitive edge. Traditional out-of-the-box solutions intended to measure the employee experience provide broad, one-size-fits-all approaches that lack the breadth, depth, and specificity to understand your people at the level required to drive meaningful change and impact. To address these shortcomings, Perceptyx developed the People Insights Model—a far-reaching and flexible framework designed to decode the complexities of the employee experience and enable targeted actions that fuel organizational change at scale.

The People Insights Model

The People Insights Model

Brought to life within the People Insights Platform, this scientific backbone of transformative listening strategies connects employee feedback to the behaviors crucial for employee and business success. It enables employees, managers, and leaders alike to continuously act and develop positive behaviors that unlock organization-wide change—all within their daily routines. By focusing on specific areas such as manager relationships, teamwork, and performance enablement, the model ensures each action is aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Unlocking EX Transformation

With deep expertise in helping global organizations unlock EX transformation, this structured approach to listening and action has been developed with rigorous research and behavioral science. The People Insights Model translates complex employee feedback into clear, actionable insights that provide a roadmap into powerful improvements across the workforce. Designed for organizations in need of a deep, integrated understanding of their employees’ experiences, it offers unmatched flexibility and depth. It can be tailored to align with each organization’s unique strategic goals and challenges, ensuring that interventions are both relevant and impactful.

Organizations who adopt the People Insights Model can both listen and act in ways that foster enduring positive changes, enhancing overall organizational health and performance.

The model provides a structured approach to assessing employee experiences, allowing organizations to dive deep into specific, relevant factors such as employee engagement, growth and development, and DEI&B, while maintaining high-level insight into the full range of employee experiences today. Within each factor are associated themes, behaviors, and actions designed to take you from data collection to targeted action with ease. By analyzing these factors, organizations, teams, and individuals have access to tailored action strategies that drive behavior change aligned with organizational goals and priorities.

The Development of the People Insights Model

At Perceptyx, we believe that understanding and enhancing the employee experience is mission critical to deliver organizational success. Our People Insights Model is the culmination of over two decades of dedicated research, partnership with global enterprises, and a deep commitment to behavioral science as the key driver of employee experience transformation.

The creation of the People Insights Model began with a simple goal: to systematically transform the experience of all employees. Bringing together the best practical expertise and survey design principles with leading science about behavior change, our team of industrial-organizational psychologists, behavioral scientists, and HR professionals have created a model unparalleled in both scientific rigor and flexibility.

The People Insights Model

Composition of the People Insight Model

The People Insights Model includes Factors, each with associated Themes, Listening Content, Behaviors, and Actions. Each element is interlinked, creating a cohesive structure that measures and delivers targeted action to enhance every aspect of the employee experience.

People Insights Model - Composition
  • Factors of EX:
    The factors that make up the employee experience, including Engagement, DEIB, and Growth & Development, and more.
  • Within each factor are a set of Themes that more specifically describe key aspects of the factor.
  • Researched and benchmarked Listening Content (i.e., survey items) for use across multiple listening methodologies.
  • Specific, concrete workplace Behaviors associated with each theme.
  • Associated to each behavior are dozens of behavioral suggestions and Action recommendations rooted in behavioral science.
Collection of Factors and Themes
  • Factors of EX:The factors that make up the employee experience, including Engagement, DEIB, and Growth & Development, and more.
  • Themes:Within each factor are a set of times that more specifically describe key aspects of the factor (e.g., themes within Engagement include Pride, Retention and Advocacy).
  • Listening Content:Researched and benchmarked listening content (e.g. survey items) for use across multiple listening methodologies.
  • Behaviors:Work behaviors associated with each theme.
  • Actions:Associated to each behavior are dozens of behavioral suggestions and action recommendations rooted in behavioral science.

Factors and Themes

At the highest level of the model are the Factors of EX, each one encapsulating a key aspect of the workplace and employees’ experience of it. Taken together, these factors provide HR leaders with a comprehensive view of the employee experience.

The Factors of EX

The Factors of EX

Within each individual Factor, there are specific themes which break down the main aspects within that factor.

Employee Engagement:

Focuses on fostering a sense of pride, retention, advocacy, and motivation among employees. This factor aims to ensure employees are committed and motivated to contribute positively to the organization.


Addresses the critical aspects of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within the workplace, ensuring that all employees feel respected and valued for their unique contributions and identities.

Growth & Development:

Centers on providing opportunities for career growth, learning, feedback, and fulfillment. This factor is essential for employees who seek to advance their skills and careers within the company.

Future Vision:

Relates to fostering clarity, confidence, and a shared vision within the organization. This factor ensures that employees understand and align with the company’s long-term goals and values.

Manager Relationship:

Involves enhancing manager effectiveness, workflow management, support, and coaching. Effective management relationships are vital for providing guidance and support to employees.

Change & Innovation:

Encourages adaptability, change management, continuous improvement, and successful integration during mergers and acquisitions, enabling the organization to stay competitive and responsive.

Performance Enablement:

Focuses on equipping employees with the necessary resources and communication tools to empower them, set clear performance expectations, and foster greater customer orientation.

Teamwork & Collaboration:

Aims to improve interactions among co-workers and facilitate collaboration, psychological safety, ethical behavior, and integrity, creating a supportive and productive work environment.

Recognition & Reward:

Ensures that employees feel recognized and valued through fair and competitive compensation, benefits, and regular acknowledgment of their contributions.

Workplace Well-Being:

Addresses workload management, work-life balance, safety, and the effectiveness of hybrid working arrangements to ensure that employees’ well-being is prioritized.

Listening Content

At the core of the People Insights Model is meticulously curated multi-channel listening content, designed to deeply understand and measure sentiment or perspectives associated with each theme within the EX factors. With over 600 benchmarked survey items, the content library is well-suited to fully decode every aspect of the employee experience. The items are crafted from extensive I/O Psychology research, deep consulting expertise, and tailored to provide actionable insights linked to specific behaviors.

Perceptyx leverages this content across a diverse array of listening channels that extend beyond traditional surveys to include modern methods like crowdsourcing, lifecycle listening, always-on continuous feedback, and 360-degree or multi-rater feedback, ensuring a diverse and inclusive approach to employee listening. This breadth of listening content allows for a high-resolution understanding of employee sentiment, facilitating real-time adjustments and strategic planning. Each piece of feedback can be tied to targeted actions designed to influence positive individual behaviors, helping organizations not only listen, but also respond effectively to their workforce’s evolving needs.


The model strategically links listening content to more than 90 discrete workplace behaviors, ensuring that feedback directly influences positive behavioral changes. By rigorously applying principles from behavioral science, the model enables organizations to implement targeted interventions that lead to lasting improvements across all levels. This structured approach helps enhance employee experiences such that individuals are empowered to make positive and enduring behavioral change, and organizational goals are achieved.


Action is what makes the model effective to transform insights into measurable outcomes. Each behavior is coupled with dozens of science-backed suggestions and action recommendations, including a rich database with more than 2,000 behavioral-science nudges. Designed to facilitate meaningful change over time, the model offers an extensive array of strategies that are tailored to specific workplace behaviors and personalized to employees, ensuring each action taken is both strategic and effective. Whether it’s enhancing team collaboration, boosting employee engagement, or improving managerial effectiveness, our targeted action recommendations empower organizations to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and progressive development.

Empowering Your Organization for the Future

The landscape of work is constantly evolving, as are the needs of your people. The model is designed to adapt to your dynamic needs, ensuring that you’re always equipped with the most effective tools to understand and enhance your workplace. With our commitment to rigorous research and flexibility, we ensure that your strategy is aligned with organizational goals, empowering your leaders and teams to make informed decisions that drive success.

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