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The past few years have been the equivalent of workplace whiplash. You’ve seen an endless wave of disruptions related to remote work, evolving health guidance, and concerns about mental health and burnout for employees who stayed put, plus new hurdles to replacing the growing number of employees that didn’t.

To stay connected, your employee listening strategy must be equally dynamic. You need solutions that can capture and synthesize the real-time feedback needed now for collaborative decision making, and keep leaders and employees aligned on the issues that matter most.

Dialogue from Perceptyx offers a powerful new way to engage employees in 3 simple steps: Answer, Vote, and then Share results to drive collective action.

Watch this on-demand webinar for an up-close look at the power of employee crowdsourcing and discover how your team can:

  • Invite employees to share authentic feedback on the topics most important to them
  • Encourage participation via an intuitive, game-like experience that takes just minutes
  • Give every employee a voice and support inclusivity
  • Allow employees to co-create solutions by voting on their peer’s anonymous responses
  • Drive alignment and accountability with broad agreement on the best next steps

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