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Across healthcare, the mandate for a strong safety culture is well established, as is the practice of measuring safety-related factors such as staffing levels, error reporting, patient experience, and patient outcomes.

Yet all of the options for measuring safety culture today have significant limitations given the complexity of the current healthcare employee experience, including the need to address non-clinical staff, manager- and employee-led priorities, as well as expanding factors such as psychological safety and its impact on worker engagement and retention.

Hear how BJC HealthCare created and validated a new model for measuring safety culture, utilizing both established census models, as well as a new method of capturing employee voices – crowdsourcing.

Our guests discuss:

  • The expanding definition of workplace safety, and why a strong safety culture is so critical to protect employees and ensure high-quality patient care
  • A detailed look at the design and execution of BJC HealthCare’s new approach to measuring safety culture and their results
  • The role of employee listening, including new models such as crowdsourcing, to both measure current safety standards within healthcare and drive adoption of safety best practices

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