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Predicting the Future Using Strategic Surveys

Insights Webcast Series: Episode 1

By Bradley Wilson, Senior Consultant, Perceptyx


Have you ever wondered what more you could have done to prevent the loss of key talent within your organization? People managers’ responsibilities can often be boiled down to two areas: performance and retention, and facing the challenge of preventing unwanted attrition can be a daunting task. But, what if you could predict the future?

Join Bradley Wilson, Senior Consultant at Perceptyx, to learn how strategic employee surveys, when designed and employed effectively, provide key insight into both the characteristics and experiences of employees who choose to leave your organization.

Here are some of the key points you'll learn from this webcast:

  • We have the opportunity and obligation to do more than measure. This work begins with understanding employee’s experiences and perceptions but ends with positively influencing resource allocation so the organization and, their people can thrive. This isn't research for research's sake.
  • Time matters with this work and while the presentation focuses on how things work behind the scenes, communication is critical. Employees’ don’t naturally connect the dots between feedback they provide on these surveys and improvements that happen on the back end. We owe them a timely response so they can engage in the conversation.
  • Strategic surveys and corporate listening strategies are not one size fits all. We will discuss different tools and approaches but ultimately this work needs to be aligned with the goals, objectives, and culture of the specific organization.

To learn more about strategic surveys and how the Perceptyx platform can enable you to quickly and uncover attrition risk hot spots, and more, request a demo today.