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Give your employees a voice and fuel your EX strategy with actionable insights


Transform Employee Listening into Action

Done well, employee listening is a dynamic, strategic process that captures the full spectrum of employee experiences to fuel organizational performance. Our mix of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise informs organizational decision-making and guides meaningful progress in support of your specific business and talent goals, fostering a culture of continuous growth and innovation.

  • “In one word, I would describe Perceptyx as innovative. Perceptyx is interested in pushing the envelope of what listening can be and how it can impact organizations, cultures, and communities, and this is crucial today.”

    Matt Gosney, Vice President, Organizational Development, UCHealth
  • “We chose Perceptyx because we wanted an inclusive, all-encompassing approach to listening and we’ve been able to do this through leveraging the platform.”

    Shanna Daugherty, Global Lead Associate Engagement, Ahold Delhaize
  • “We’ve embraced Perceptyx’s entire listening strategy, we had an annual engagement survey and now have launched our candidate experience survey, hiring manager survey, onboarding survey, and exit survey.”

    Mariangela Battista, VP, Global Head of Talent Management, IGT
  • “Our goal is to become a true employer of choice and create an environment and culture where people choose to work and choose to stay. Through listening we’re able to elevate the experience of our team members and become our own “best place to work.”

    Rachel Laznowski, Senior Talent Management Specialist, Endeavor Health

Key Features

Comprehensive Array of Listening Channels

Point-In-Time: Empower Your Strategy with World-Class Engagement and Census Surveys

Designed for ease of use and flexibility, our point-in-time survey solutions support enterprises in creating a vibrant, inclusive workplace.

Shift HR from Tactical to Strategic: Quickly design organization-specific surveys, drawing from a library of over 250 benchmarked questions. Leverage our People Insights Model to decode key aspects of the employee experience, including engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion, and well-being.

Broad and Inclusive Distribution: Maximize participation through surveys accessible wherever your people are and in their native language to ensure every employee’s voice can be heard.

Real-Time Insights: Gain immediate insights with live dashboards and reports. Personalized manager reports pinpoint the most relevant opportunities and challenges, enabling swift, informed action.

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Employee Crowdsourcing and Voting

Lifecycle: Understand the Moments that Matter

With lifecycle surveys, gain an understanding of the employee journey—from the candidate phase through to alumni status. This constant stream of insights allows leaders to design better experiences early on, improving engagement and preempting issues like unwanted turnover.

Automated and Targeted: Direct integration with your HRIS ensures surveys reach the right people at the right times, capturing feedback during pivotal moments such as promotions, organizational changes, and more.

Role-Specific Reporting: Tailored reports for different roles within your organization offer actionable insights to those responsible for each moment, allowing for immediate adjustments and long-term strategy refinement.

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Crowdsourcing & Voting: Engage Your Workforce in Meaningful Dialogue

Leverage crowdsourcing to co-create the future with your teams by aligning around significant actions informed by real-time insights. By inviting employees to contribute their ideas on critical topics, you foster a culture of inclusion, trust, and shared ownership in shaping the organization’s path forward.

A Level Playing Field: Ensure every employee, from individual contributors to C-suite executives, has an equal voice. Our simple, engaging platform encourages widespread participation and co-defines actionable steps through anonymous voting.

Focused and Integrated: Our crowdsourcing and voting solutions integrate seamlessly with engagement surveys, enabling a deep dive into specific areas for a more unified and effective action plan.

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Employee Crowdsourcing and Voting

360 Feedback: Develop Leaders with Comprehensive Feedback

360 feedback offers a scalable, hyper-personalized approach to enhance managerial effectiveness and leadership potential. By evaluating performance against your organization’s competency model or Perceptyx’s Leadership Competency Model, leaders receive feedback from a broad spectrum of sources, fostering personal growth and team cohesion.

Support and Develop Every Manager: Extend coaching to all managerial levels, offering AI-powered insights based on observed behaviors and peer feedback.

Drive a Culture of Growth: Continuous, personalized: Continuous, personalized coaching supports leaders to close skill gaps and amplify strengths, fostering an environment where feedback leads to actionable improvements.

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Multi-Rater Feedback
The Perceptyx Difference

The Perceptyx Difference:

Choosing Perceptyx means accessing a suite of solutions and services designed to transform the experience of your employees. Our platform allows for the management of multiple listening channels, offering detailed insights, focus, and resolution into employee needs and experiences. Supported by our science-backed People Insights Model, we provide a deep, nuanced view that aligns our listening programs with your strategic priorities, effectively addressing specific employee needs and enhancing overall engagement.

With Perceptyx, listening is the beginning of a transformative journey. It’s about strategically aligning your business and talent priorities with the optimal mix and timing of various listening events to gather the insights that matter the most. This approach positions your organization to tap into its full potential. We ensure that feedback becomes a catalyst for business success, creating an environment where every voice contributes to the shared mission.

Employee Listening Strategy: Science-Backed, Tailored To Your Organizations

People Insights Model
Leverage our extensive benchmarked and research-backed framework to decode employee experiences in depth, pinpointing both successes and obstacles for targeted strategic interventions.

Insights & Action Blueprint
Partner with our EX experts to tailor strategies that align with your unique business & talent priorities, creating a comprehensive blueprint for continuous engagement and insight generation.

Factors of EX

Factors of EX

Pride, Retention, Advocacy, Motivation

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

Future Vision
Clarity, Confidence, Vision, Values

Manager Relationship
Manager Effectiveness, Managing Workflow, Manager Support, Coaching

Change & Innovation
Change Management, Adaptability, Continuous Improvement, M&A

Growth & Development
Career Growth, Learning, Feedback, Fulfilment

Performance Enablement
Resources & Communication, Empowerment, Performance, Customer Orientation

Teamwork & Collaboration
Co-Workers, Collaboration, Psychological Safety, Ethics & Integrity

Recognition & Reward
Recognition, Valued, Pay, Benefits

Workplace Well-Being
Workload, Work-Life Balance, Safety, Hybrid Working

Are you ready to elevate your employee listening strategy and drive meaningful change within your organization?

Contact Perceptyx today, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Discover how our tailored listening solutions can turn your employee insights into a powerful force for improvement and growth.