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The workplace disruptions of the past 2+ years have only reinforced the need for organizations to put their people strategy first, and foundational to that strategy is a robust program of employee listening.

In response, the practice of employee listening has evolved as well, allowing leaders to blend feedback from both active and passive sources, and uncover clear ties to how employee experience impacts performance.

Organizations are now expanding their annual or bi-annual engagement survey to adopt a broader program of targeted, continuous listening including lifecycle surveys, pulse or ad-hoc surveys, and crowdsourcing.

Watch this on demand webinar where we explore the growing possibilities and promise of multi-channel listening. Our speakers discuss:

  • Why employee listening strategies must evolve to become more frequent and specific, making the transition from simple measurement to problem-solving
  • The growing mandate to link subjective data (employee perceptions and feedback) with objective data (transactional and operational data from your core enterprise systems) to measure business impact
  • The value of a single platform for powerful cross-survey analytics and insights, and
  • The outcomes that are possible when HR leaders use data to remove barriers to success and can correlate people strategy with the business strategy.

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