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As the pandemic rolled on, McLane, a wholly-owned unit of Berkshire Hathaway and one of the largest supply chain services companies in the U.S. with more than 20,000 employees, found itself at the intersection of three powerful cultural and economic forces: the supply chain crisis, rising fuel costs, and the Great Resignation.  

In an effort to explain the risk factors of attrition, as well as the direct and hidden costs of turnover for its business, the team at McLane turned to trusted sources of truth – their people, operational, and financial data – for insights-driven answers that would drive the right actions, and even predict future risk within their driver and warehouse populations.

Watch this interactive event featuring McLane executive Adam Kabins, Senior Director of Talent Management. Adam will share his team’s journey to apply people analytics for better decision making, and the pivotal role employee listening insights play in their strategy.

 Viewers will learn:

  • How The Great Resignation is impacting “deskless worker” populations, and what matters now for attracting top talent
  • How Human Resources, Finance, and Operations can bring relevant data to bear to solve a common business problem
  • How organizations can better leverage their people data to understand attrition risk factors, forecast hotspots in the organization for intervention and strategic workforce planning, and mitigate future turnover
  • A comprehensive model, developed by Perceptyx, for calculating the true, often underestimated, cost of employee attrition

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