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Discover strategic insights to identify where to focus, setting the stage for targeted initiatives


Beyond Data - Insights that Drive Action

Tackle the challenge of transforming raw employee feedback into strategic insights. Leveraging advanced analytics and proprietary AI, we pinpoint critical focus areas, guiding your organization towards impactful decisions and targeted initiatives. This strategic approach ensures that employee feedback directly contributes to the success of your people and organization.

  • “My favorite part of the platform is the reporting dashboard, it's really helpful and easy to train hundreds of people in HR on how to use it. Once you get the hang of it, you get it and it's helped our HR professionals, managers, and leaders dive into the data. They can cut the data by key demographics to find those insights and don't have to spend as much time analyzing and can do more with interpreting the data and asking questions of their team's action planning.”

    Noa Besner, Senior Director of Enterprise Talent Management & Global Talent Development, NBCUniversal
  • “As a data geek, I really favor what Perceptyx offers with the platform because it allows me to slice, splice, and cut information very rapidly depending on what I've fed into the system. If I do get a question that I don't anticipate, it takes three minutes for me to run that assessment. I can analyze it very quickly off the existing platform. The automation that's provided in the platform itself for us to be able to run the demographic crosstabs is a huge value add.”

    John Ware, HRIS and Workforce Analyst, Prisma Health
  • “The ability to dig into the comments section and theme out comments, that's been great because that's where a lot of the meat comes in especially for our onboarding and exit surveys – we can now further define the issues that we're really dealing with and can act on.”

    Kayla Dowdle, Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Employee Experience, Accentcare

Key Features

Know where to focus to make the biggest impact.

Focused Insights for Data-Driven Decision-Making

In-depth Reporting: Advanced analytics deliver precise insights with filters, crosstabs, and personalized driver analysis, equipping managers with a clear understanding of team needs to make informed decisions and direct focused action.

HotSpot Reports: Pinpoint priority areas for action based on key themes or issues identified in the data.

Trend Analysis: Track changes in employee sentiment over time, showcasing progress against defined talent priorities.

Robust Benchmarks: Access our extensive global benchmark database, featuring data from 528 organizations across major industries and over 20 million responses. Use these insights to compare your performance against industry peers and pinpoint targeted areas for improvement with confidence.

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AI-Enabled Personalized Engagement

AI Insights Engine: Managers receive personalized insights integrated into daily workflows to keep focus on actionable outcomes.

Amplify Employee Engagement Drivers: By understanding early experiences, improve key outcomes like intent to stay and well-being. Predictive modeling helps you get ahead of pain points that could lead to turnover, making for a more positive employee journey.

Role-Specific Reporting: Tailored reports for different roles within your organization offer actionable insights to those responsible for each moment, allowing for immediate adjustments and long-term strategy refinement.

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Advanced Analytics for Comprehensive Understanding

Focused Dashboards: With Analytics Studio, create and share custom dashboards zeroing in on critical issues or subgroups.

Cross-Survey Analytics: See how experiences at key employee journey milestones affect overall engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

Comment Analytics: Our proprietary NLP models sift through open-ended feedback, identifying sentiment, themes, intent, and emotions for nuanced insight. Learn More about Comment Analytics

Comment Copilot: Leverage the power of OpenAI to quickly summarize employee comment feedback. With a single click, identify key sentiments, victories, challenges, and areas for improvement, fast-tracking your action planning process.

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The Perceptyx Difference

The Perceptyx Difference:

With Perceptyx as your employee listening platform, you’re not just collecting data, you’re crafting a strategic roadmap for action. Our platform’s sophisticated analytics, combined with personalized insights and expert recommendations, empower your organization to make informed decisions that transform your employees’ experience and drive business success.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your employees’ feedback?

Contact Perceptyx today, and let’s transform your data into actionable insights that propel your organization forward. Explore how Perceptyx can become the catalyst for meaningful change and organizational growth.