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As organizations plan for a post-COVID future, a number of questions loom large. Perhaps the biggest one is: Will the virtual work policies organizations were forced to adopt more than a year ago continue long-term?

Watch our virtual event - a live Q&A with HR leaders on the frontlines from S&P Global, Coca-Cola Bottling, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals - and discover how they’re tackling the return-to-work challenge. (Hint: It starts with listening.)

Despite the advantages for both companies (time and cost savings) and individuals (more control over when and where they work) organizations must strike a careful balance, considering factors such as productivity, ease of collaboration, employee development, and the potential impacts to DE&I goals, as well as company culture.

In this session we tackle these questions and more with our panelists, including:

  • How a year+ of remote work has impacted employees, esp. women and caregivers,
  • The end of the “honeymoon effect” when it comes to recruiting and onboarding,
  • Growing fears of mass attrition given the post-COVID talent war, and
  • The looming “Zoom penalty” for workers who don’t return to the office.


Watch the webcast, How to Design the Post-Pandemic Workplace: A Virtual Roundtable

Real-World Approaches for Navigating HR’s Grand Experiment” featuring S&P Global, Takeda, and Coca-Cola Consolidated.


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