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Many of us might be tempted to sigh with relief as 2021 ends and a new year begins. How could 2022 be worse than what we have dealt with for the past 2 years? Unfortunately, 2022 won’t come without challenges, especially when it comes to Employee Experience. Organizations are still navigating the nuances of hybrid work, the quit rate continues to reach record highs in many industries, and cultures are fragile. 

Incorporating employee voices into planning the future of work will be crucial. So what organizational trends should leaders expect as we head into a New Year? 

Watch this interactive Fireside Chat with people analytics experts, Dr. Sarah Johnson and Dr. Brett Wells of Perceptyx, on how to best prepare for ‘what’s next’ in employee experience.

Employees want very different things from organizations today. The past two years of tumult have taught them to ask for what they want, demand more flexibility. And expect better resources. Organization success will be driven by not just listening, but engaging their workforce in conversations. 

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Wells both advise senior leaders from enterprises across the globe on how to create winning listening strategies and leverage employee voices to make better business decisions. While none of us can predict what will happen in 2022, new research and insights should at least provide a roadmap for how to stay agile.

Key Challenges to Conquer:

  • Organizations have leaned into hybrid and remote work arrangements.  How’s that going?
  • How managers might be key to overcoming ‘officism’ in the hybrid workplace
  • How organizations can motivate a tired workforce and reinvigorate culture

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