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The shock of the pandemic has served as a stark reminder for many organizations: the health of your business is inextricably linked to the health of your people. The result is what industry watchers have called “a golden moment for HR,” complete with new leverage to reimagine their employee experience and their impact on the bottom line.

But to fully take advantage of this moment, HR professionals must embrace the native language of their executive peers in sales, finance, and other enterprise functions: data.

Our speakers covered:

  • Why employee listening strategies must evolve to become more frequent and specific, making the transition from simple measurement to problem-solving
  • The growing mandate to link subjective data (employee perceptions and feedback) with objective data (transactional and operational data from your core enterprise systems)
  • Strategies to successfully communicate the value of HR data across the enterprise, and why it’s imperative that HR leaders collaborate internally to deliver an integrated data story, plus
  • A ripped-from-the-headlines example of how enterprises can approach a specific business challenge - unwanted employee attrition - leveraging employee data, beginning with selecting the right listening channels through to analysis and action planning 

Access this on-demand webinar to discover how to connect the wealth of data coming from your employee listening strategies to the business outcomes and KPIs that matter most to leadership.