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Long gone are the days of pen and paper surveys, executed every few years.

The pandemic, the rise of remote work, and new concerns about issues ranging from DEIB to workplace well-being have forced organizations of all sizes to re-evaluate how they listen to and capture feedback from employees. In response, today we have people analytics teams utilizing advanced data collection platforms that span multiple channels and survey types, seamlessly integrated with HRIS and other systems.

But despite these advances, has our strategy for listening kept pace? And as the demand for more sophisticated listening opportunities grows, what obstacles are emerging for People leaders?

In this session, we shared findings from the industry’s first-ever comprehensive study of the State of Employee Listening, addressing its evolution, how new workplace dynamics are driving changes in survey scope and frequency, and what HR leaders across industries are doing to achieve success, despite organizational barriers.

We cover:

  • What your peers and competitors are doing, and how you compare relative to the scope, cadence, and types of listening
  • How new tech-enabled channels, such as crowdsourcing, are delivering near real-time feedback and sentiment from employees,
  • The most common barriers to success, including executive support as well as the need to translate data and signals into action, and
  • A first-of-its-kind maturity model charting the evolution of an employee listening strategy from infancy to a fully mature program, and what’s needed to move to the next stage.

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