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Transform insights into effective organizational strategies using structured action planning


Transform Insights into Strategic Actions

Simplify how leaders and teams respond to insights from various listening channels. With an action planning approach that emphasizes simplicity, clarity, and efficiency, we ensure that every manager can effectively translate survey feedback into actionable next-steps.


Action Planning Experience

Our unique action planning approach utilizes a simple 1-2-3 approach, helping managers initiate and manage action plans. This process supports managers by guiding them through each step, from choosing focus areas to setting commitments and follow-up dates.

We help managers navigate their responsibilities more efficiently, reducing the complexity of turning survey data into actionable strategies, ensuring they can focus on implementation and leadership.

  • “We were able to pull insights from some of our life cycle surveys in partnership with insights from the employee survey, and really look at themes and trends that we could respond to, and we integrated this into our talent strategy.”

    Melissa St. Clair, Culture and Organizational Effectiveness Manager, Eaton
  • “One of the great opportunities that the platform has offered us is the ability to really dive further into the experience of different work units and teams. In our wellbeing survey and also in our engagement survey, we're able to look at work units that have higher experiences of stress and look at demographics on a more granular level, such as in clinical populations or female populations, if they're experiencing higher stress and what those particular kind of stressors are to then be able to take more action.”

    Mayer Bellehsen, AVP, Behavioral Health, Northwell Health
  • “We're very focused on our first year retention. It's really a struggle in healthcare and it's a struggle in the Cincinnati region. And through being able to listen to our team members and say, "What is it that you're experiencing?" We've also been able to identify that really what our leaders needed to be doing was to connect early and often with our team members in order to help break down early barriers. And through that we saw a 12% decrease in new hire turnover.”

    Lynda Garcia, Vice President of Talent Development and Organizational Effectiveness, TriHealth

Key Features

Know where to focus to make the biggest impact.

Actions Made Easy

Simplify responses to employee survey feedback with our 1-2-3 action planning process, helping leaders focus on immediate next steps and commit to action where it’s needed most.

Built-in Action Recommendations: Automatically suggests potential actions based on survey results, helping managers make informed decisions quickly.

Commitments and Follow-Ups: Enables managers to set up to two specific commitments and choose up to three follow-up dates, ensuring ongoing engagement and accountability.

Act Dashboard: A centralized space where managers can view and manage their action plans from previous listening events, enhancing the coordination and tracking of initiatives.

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Act Dashboard

Activate Your People

Take the next step towards measurable impact by activating your whole organization to drive change. Activate offers additional capabilities like AI-Assisted Action Planning and Intelligent Nudges that help your people co-create the conditions for success through better behaviors and habits.

AI-Assisted Action Planning: Streamlines the creation of action plans by proactively identifying and prioritizing key focus areas for managers.

Intelligent Nudges: Delivers tailored suggestions for how to improve behaviors and build better habits within the flow of work to both managers and their team members.

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Intelligent Nudges

Learn More About Activate

To learn more about the transformative power of behavioral nudges and the science behind it, and discover the full capabilities and benefits of incorporating AI-Assisted Action Planning and Intelligent Nudges into your strategy, visit our detailed Activate page.

The Perceptyx Difference

Empower Your Managers with Effective Action Planning

By empowering managers and activating your people, the Perceptyx platform is designed to support and simplify the way your organization acts on insights. Start transforming survey data into impactful actions today and drive meaningful change across your company.

Are you ready to elevate your employee listening strategy and drive meaningful change within your organization?

Contact Perceptyx today, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Discover how our tailored listening solutions can turn your employee insights into a powerful force for improvement and growth.