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The Critical Combination of People and Technology

Great programs begin with great partnerships. Our in-house experts help you unleash the power of the Perceptyx platform to achieve the outcomes most important to your business. We offer tailored services to help design and implement programs for continuous listening and action, aligned to your business goals, using research-backed and proven methodologies.

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“The level of expertise amongst the Perceptyx consultants is incredible. They’re more than a survey vendor providing the technology; they’re also great thought-partners and advisers. Their project management team is very organized and helps us execute our surveys across a complex enterprise seamlessly.”

Annalyn Jacob, PhD., Executive Vice-President, Talent Analytics & HR Operations MediaBrands

The Art of What’s Possible

With 20+ years working alongside the world’s best brands’ instead of to build world-class employee listening programs, we know what’s possible and can make it happen.

We have a proven methodology and deep expertise to help you decode your employees’ experience and gain clarity to drive effective action. Because of our experience, we’ve seen it all and can help you find the right solution.

The Art of What’s Possible

The Right Fit

The best solution for your business will be the one that best fits your culture—there is no one-size-fits-all magic solution that we prescribe to each of our customers. We’ve seen it all, and bring cutting edge research and evidence-based methodologies to guide you to the right solution.

As true partners, we not only point you in the right direction, but also bring new perspectives from our work across other industries to offer out-of-the-box recommendations to address your people and business challenges.

The Right Fit

The Whole Package

Evidence. Experience. Expertise.
All in one package, in partnership with you.

Unlike typical consulting, we don’t just show up, tell you what to do, and leave. We partner with you to apply the best practices for today, learn, grow, and then carry the torch for tomorrow.

The Whole Package

Understanding Consulting & Professional Services

What is our approach to services?

At Perceptyx, we take our partnership with customers seriously, which is why we’ve always emphasized providing more than just a world-class technology platform to understand organizational culture, employee engagement, and experience. With exclusive focus on the Employee Experience, we provide deep domain expertise, people science, and program management best practices through our in-house consulting and professional services teams.

We provide our customers with cutting edge thought leadership and consulting, guided by our experience designing, developing, and implementing employee listening programs across many of the world’s most innovative, influential, and iconic organizations. We further empower our customers on their listening journey by equipping them with research-based best practices and proven solutions to meet their evolving needs. We partner with leaders to solve complex business and talent challenges with innovative solutions.

In addition to thought leadership and consulting, we provide onboarding, training, implementation, and world-class care and support. We enable our customers with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful through training.

Why are services important?

A successful program is comprised of leading technology and an experienced team. As the EX Experts, we offer all the elements needed to deliver a system for continuous listening and action built specifically for your business. All of our services are in-house, making it seamless to guide the evolution of your program all the way from initial design to achieving business results. Our consulting team assists with listening program strategy and survey content design, methodology, analysis and insights discovery, and our professional services team assists with support, implementation, and project and data management.

Our services teams include a combination of practitioners with real-world experience backed by PhD and masters-level academics. Your team will parter with a consultant to design and build an end-to-end Employee Listening program based on your unique pain points and challenges, as well as people and business goals, thereby reducing the burden on your organization’s own internal resources. Your Perceptyx project team will manage all the complicated pieces of standing up a world-class program.

Your leaders will have a clear view of the health of the employee experience, and a consultant will work with you to identify the strengths, pain points, opportunities and priorities for targeted action to drive continuous improvement.

How does Perceptyx measure success?

Leveraging research and experience from 20+ years helping large enterprises discover insights, empower action, and deliver outcomes, we’ve developed an outcome-oriented People Insights Model to address the evolving needs of work today.

Our People Insights Model is a lens through which organizations can decode the Employee Experience and empower action toward desired outcomes. By actively seeking and responding to feedback from employees across multiple listening channels, organizations can gain critical insights into their people’s needs and behaviors, and capture ideas for continuous improvement.

This enables leaders to make more informed decisions, build stronger relationships with employees, and create a culture of trust, transparency, and engagement.

Application of our People Insights Model varies by the organizational goal, listening channel, and context of moments within the employee journey. To guide customers to success, we’ve built a series of best practice recommendations across the people and organizational goals we can impact through listening & action programs; topics range from workplace well-being, psychological safety, and manager effectiveness, to hybrid work experience, and more.

Although your goals and context are unique, the primary outcome will be the same: ensuring success for your business while creating great employee experiences for everyone in your organization.

How can organizations improve with our services?

We provide everything you need to build and execute a world-class employee listening program.

Our services & consulting teams provide you with guidance on ideas for improvement and best practices from across multiple industries. We not only point you in the right direction, but also help apply best practices and innovative approaches—from your own industry and others—to your specific business challenge. We work with you every step of the way from program design to implementation, data collection, analytics, reporting, and action to ensure long-term, sustainable action that results in change and positive outcomes for your people and organization.

Leveraging cutting edge research into the most effective employee listening practices for todays workforce, our team can help you transform your listening program into a modern multi-channel approach that delivers actionable insights across all facets of the employee experience journey.

Additionally, Perceptyx offers an abundance of resources, guides, and training materials, including enabling all people leaders across your business with the insights, recommendations, and resources they need to take impactful action on employee feedback through continuous conversations with their people.

How should an organization select a service level?

We offer multiple service level packages, designed to meet you where you’re at.

Some organizations have their own in-house employee listening team who specialize in the creation and management of a listening program, but need additional resources to bring their program to the next level of maturity. Perceptyx services enhance your existing resources, fill skills gaps if they exist, and often help you go faster, all while bringing new ideas and innovative approaches from across the industry.

For other organizations who need to fill skill or resource gaps, we offer services in which we work with you and for you. This approach is ideal for complex medium- to large-sized businesses who need expertise in data management and integrations, full-scale project management, and highly strategic expertise and consultation on program methodology, design, data analysis, action planning, and change management.

We work with you to understand your people and business goals, map a plan to execute against those goals, and provide the resources you need to achieve better outcomes for your people and business.


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