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Manager Effectiveness

Elevate Leadership with Comprehensive Feedback and Actionable Insights

The influence of leadership extends across an organization's performance, talent retention, and overall employee experience. To develop effective leaders, it's essential for managers to understand the perspective of their teams. Organizations should equip them with the resources they need to foster trust, engagement, and promote well-being among their employees.

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“In today’s always-on workplace and highly competitive labor market, managers and leaders need advice and support in the flow of work. Perceptyx delivers this with impact.”

Josh Bersin, Global industry analyst

Empower every manager

Our comprehensive solution empowers managers to evolve into leaders by enhancing their performance and impact. The 360 Feedback feature allows managers to understand their effectiveness based on organizational leadership competencies, providing a clear path for growth and development. Intelligent Nudges offer timely, AI-driven suggestions unique to the manager in the flow of work to encourage positive behavior changes based on real-time feedback and insights.

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Intelligent Nudges

Enhance manager effectiveness with data-driven insights

Our approach provides managers on-going, personalized developmental feedback, extending beyond human-based coaching methods. By leveraging real-time data, we offer a personalized experience for managers at all levels. This objective approach tailors development to the unique needs and growth areas of each leader.

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Prioritize key leadership qualities

Perceptyx focuses on identifying and nurturing the essential traits of effective management. Through detailed 360 Feedback reports, managers gain insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to inspire and retain their teams more effectively. Intelligent Nudges provide personalized, actionable steps in the flow of work to facilitate ongoing professional development and behavioral adjustments.

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Multi-rater feedback

Drive organizational excellence

Align your leadership practices with organizational goals by identifying key behaviors and skills for managers to develop. Perceptyx integrates feedback from multiple sources, offering a holistic view of leadership effectiveness and its impact on team engagement and business outcomes. By emphasizing leadership best practices, we help enhance engagement, well-being, and a culture of trust within teams.

Drive Organizational Excellence

The Top 5 Traits of an Effective Manager


This measures a manager’s skill and bias towards action to achieve the best results for their team.


This determines how willing a manager is to make tough decisions quickly and be accountable for resolving issues.


This assesses how well a manager listens to others, interprets their meaning quickly, and generates trust.


This gauges a manager’s ability to seek out new ideas and opinions, and receive constructive feedback with an open mind.


This assesses how often a manager recognizes, appreciates, and rewards people for good performance.

  • “Utilizing Perceptyx’s 360 Feedback product has been a huge step for us. With 160,000 employees, we need to ensure they feel connected, that we are taking care of them, and listening to feedback. This is such an important process in evolving and developing our people. The Perceptyx platform gives us the ability to see the entire employee lifecycle, that is not only listening to your people but being able to have a dialogue and evolve according to what is needed and you can check that on your 360s.”

    Nathalya RigitanoGlobal Manager of Culture and Employee Listening, AB InBev
  • “What I’ve seen with the Perceptyx 360 Feedback product looks intriguing because it includes some passive data, which we’ve already seen is very powerful, and it includes 360s, which we own and see are very helpful. We’ve played around with the nudges with our existing 360 and it’s a nice blend.”

    Chris LovatoDirector of Human Capital Insights, Medtronic

Understanding Our Approach to Manager Effectiveness

What is Manager Effectiveness?

Manager effectiveness is the level of a manager’s ability to achieve their individual and team goals while also mentoring, developing, and engaging their direct reports to do their best work. Essentially, it measures an individual’s likelihood of being or becoming an inspiring leader and role model for their organization who drives business outcomes.

To measure this ability, it’s necessary to define the qualities or traits of “top talent” that managers need. While leadership qualities can be company-specific, there are some shared characteristics that inspiring managers typically possess. At Perceptyx, we believe these traits fall into five categories: competence, decisiveness, empathy, openness, and appreciation.

If your company has hired a manager who has all of these traits, then you’ve far exceeded the norm! Recruiting and hiring someone with all of these qualities is rare. In fact, the Harvard Business Review outlines how companies choose the right leaders only 18% of the time. Given this, most organizations need a solution to help managers know how they’re performing and what they need to do differently - for their own growth and their company’s.

Why Is it Important to Define Manager Effectiveness?

Given that many organizations grapple with employee burnout, attrition, hybrid work strategies, as well as a potential recession, it’s become even more critical for companies to define the traits of an inspiring leader. Once your company defines these, you can measure the extent to which your managers already possess them. Then you can acknowledge those top managers who model leadership for your company. This gives other managers a clear understanding of what leadership looks like and also demonstrates appreciation for managers meeting these criteria. Together, this clarity and positive recognition can drive retention.

Defining these qualities also helps managers recognize where they need to improve or change behaviors. This tells them what they need to do next, and helps them be accountable for these actions. This clear definition of their skill gaps gives them a north star to aspire to, and a roadmap of clear steps to reach it. Having this intelligence also helps the HR and learning and development team know which managers need support most, where to focus in terms of education and behavior change, and what resources will advance them forward.

Giving managers a clear definition of what they need to succeed also demonstrates the company’s commitment to employee growth. A 2022 survey by Prudential reported that 80% of job hunters say that growth opportunities are a factor driving their job search. Therefore this commitment to developing manager effectiveness can help attract, hire, and retain top talent.

Knowing exactly which traits are needed to advance improves the overall employee experience—and therefore engagement—for your company. Having this definition focuses the work for:

  1. Managers showing the most leadership potential
  2. Managers who need further development
  3. HR and learning and development teams who support both of these groups

Furthermore, developing inspiring leaders also improves the experience for everyone working with those ideal managers. A Perceptyx study with a Fortune 500 industrial supply company showed a 50% increase in the odds of a team member being disengaged when reporting to a disengaged manager. It also showed an 80% increase when reporting to a manager who didn’t even complete the survey.

How Do We Measure Manager Effectiveness?

Measuring manager effectiveness is crucial for fostering leaders who positively impact business outcomes through enhanced people experiences. Our approach employs a robust 360 Feedback functionality, allowing managers to gauge their effectiveness in alignment with your organization's leadership competency model. Additionally, our Intelligent Nudges feature provides timely, AI-driven advice based on insights from feedback, supporting continuous improvement and leadership development.

Our 360 Feedback solution is designed to help managers identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth. It provides comprehensive feedback from a range of sources, offering a well-rounded evaluation. This process not only aids in recognizing skill gaps but also highlights practices and behaviors that contribute to a manager's success in fostering team collaboration and trust.

To accurately measure manager effectiveness, our team develops surveys that capture the authentic experiences of those working with a manager, alongside identifying unconscious behaviors affecting their influence (i.e., blindspots). Our surveys focus on several critical aspects, including job clarity, performance feedback, evaluation fairness, recognition of accomplishments, and support for employee development.

Respondents rate their experiences with statements like:

“My manager shows respect for employees.”

“My manager’s behavior reflects company values.”

“I feel comfortable approaching my manager for discussion.”

“My manager seeks ideas from employees and responds to them.”

“My manager promotes teamwork.”

These responses, gathered via a Likert scale and supplemented by open-ended questions, guide our development programs towards enhancing managerial success.

Upon survey completion, our analytics engine compiles the feedback into personalized reports, pinpointing performance barriers and reinforcing successful behaviors. These insights are easily accessible, ensuring that managers, administrators, and coaches can act on them promptly.

How Can Companies Enhance Their Manager Effectiveness?

Improving manager effectiveness requires a tailored, scalable solution that supports managers across various work environments, including hybrid and digital settings. Our 360 Feedback functionality provides a foundational step for managers to assess and enhance their effectiveness, offering a clear development pathway. By incorporating feedback from diverse sources, we facilitate leadership growth and organizational development.

Intelligent Nudges further augment this process by delivering targeted, AI-powered suggestions that encourage managers to adopt behaviors that boost team motivation and productivity. This feature draws on cutting-edge resources to provide real-time guidance, complementing traditional coaching methods by fostering continuous behavioral adjustments.

Choosing Your Manager Effectiveness Solution?

The ideal manager effectiveness solution is adaptable, built on deep expertise, and supported by a dedicated success team. It should not only fit your current competency model but also evolve with your organization's needs. Our solution integrates 360 Feedback and Intelligent Nudges to provide a comprehensive view of managerial impact, connecting leadership effectiveness to broader business strategies and outcomes. This holistic approach ensures that managers receive the insights and support necessary to lead effectively, thereby enhancing overall engagement, well-being, and organizational health.


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