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Fact: The majority of the experience that an employee has in the workplace is directly attributed to their experience with their immediate leader. But relying on interpersonal skills can only take an organization so far. We need leaders from the top down to support the systemic changes required for managers to create real impact. This is especially true for today’s workplaces, where managers are under a unique, and largely unprecedented set of pressures – whether they manage 5 employees or 5,000. 

Driven by a post-pandemic power shift, expansive social movements in support of underrepresented groups, and a growing mandate to balance performance with empathy, managers need a new level of support to build the skills and behaviors that will drive connection and create the positive, inclusive workplaces all employees deserve.

Watch this live conversation with Dr. Gena Cox, author of the newly released book, Leading Inclusion: Drive Change Your Employees Can See and Feel. During this session we discuss the unique challenges facing managers today, and explore:

  • How Gena’s identity and personal experience have shaped her work advising corporate leaders,
  • Why she’s using REDI as her acronym, and the need for leaders to work toward a respect-first culture,
  • The role and limitations of data when it comes to understanding workplace inclusion,
  • How employee listening can engage leadership to identify and address systemic issues,  and
  • The 3 things she advises HR leaders to do today to initiate positive change.

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