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Employees’ relationship with their employer has changed dramatically in recent years. While Employee Listening has been critical to organizations’ ability to balance employee needs and navigate challenges like hybrid work and other transformative events, managers have been left on the frontlines to take action on employee feedback, receiving far too little support in the process.

Our State of Employee Listening research revealed that organizations with the most mature, impactful strategies integrate feedback from multiple channels to identify EX barriers and inform the actions taken. Yet too often, feedback about Managers is isolated from other listening activities or overlooked entirely — despite their tremendous impact on employee engagement, retention, and well-being.

In this webinar, we team up with Forrester to share a different perspective on the role that manager feedback can play in a continuous listening and actioning strategy. 

During the session, we cover:

  • The unique development needs of managers
  • How specific manager behaviors may be contributing to, or detracting from your employee experience
  • Why manager enablement must include actionable feedback from others
  • How 'behavioral listening' can augment manager enablement to provide greater self-awareness, and
  • The value of an integrated listening platform to capture, synthesize, and act on these insights at scale.

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