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Resources to help you create, deliver, and sustain a world-class employee experience.


The State of Healthcare Employee Experience 2024

National healthcare benchmark data from 3.85 million healthcare workers across 500+ systems reveals new insights into the healthcare employee experience.

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Employee Listening Maturity Model

How does your listening program stack up? Complete our 5-minute Maturity Model assessment to see your personalized results plus ideas to advance your strategy.

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Transforming Behavior Change and Enhancing Interactions in the Workplace with Lisa Sterling

In this episode of The Unleashing Leaders Podcast, Lisa Sterling, Perceptyx's Chief People Officer, shares her insights on the importance of embracing friction and discomfort in the workplace, the power of diverse teams in driving radical change, and the role of intelligent nudging in behavior change.

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How Employee Listening Tools Can 'Nudge' Positive Behavior Change in the Workforce

In this episode of the NOW of Work Podcast, Lisa Sterling, Perceptyx's Chief People Officer, talked about the Perceptyx and Humu acquisition and what it means for the future of the employee experience.

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Loneliness as an Organizational Crisis: A Persona-Based Approach to Navigating Through the Silence

Our latest EX report asks the question: How is the rise of loneliness in our personal lives manifesting at work?

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The Management Behaviors that Make (or Break) a Great Employee Experience

We asked 3K+ employees and managers about the specific behaviors and skills required for good leadership today. What we learned might surprise you.

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The Ultimate Leadership Checklist for 2023

Managers are critical to creating an environment where every employee can thrive. Use this checklist, inspired by our research & consulting teams, to guide your own leadership priorities.

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Managing Uncertainty: How Layoff Anxiety Is Changing the Employee Experience

Layoff anxiety and its impact on employee well-being continues to grow. New data reveals the larger employee experience impact plus ideas to build resilience.

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Designing a Top-Tier, Holistic Employee Experience

Creating an environment where employees can deliver your company strategy and goals - and feel good about it - is crucial. It requires data, listening and some expert analysis. Lisa Sterling, the Chief People Officer at Perceptyx, has a few pointers on what to look for, what to listen for, and who to listen to, to create a healthy work ecosystem.

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