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AI-Assisted Action Planning and Intelligent Nudges

Activate is a premium experience within the People Insights Platform, designed to transform how your organization acts on insights.

Effectively acting on employee feedback is essential to effect real change. Traditional action planning methods often overwhelm managers, risking burnout and disengagement, which can derail your change efforts.

Mobilize your entire organization towards change, and close the gap between insights and impact.

Empower Managers

Empower Managers

Unburden managers in the action planning process. With the assistance of AI, managers can quickly understand which actions will be most impactful, reducing the time and effort required to prioritize actions. Utilizing the power of behavioral science, Intelligent Nudges guide managers to execute these plans consistently throughout the year.

Unlock Organizational Change

Unlock Organizational Change

Though managers may initiate change, active involvement from all employees is essential to transformation. With Intelligent Nudges personalized for each employee, you can encourage the positive behaviors and habits required to achieve organizational and personal growth objectives, unlocking lasting change.

Key Features

AI-Assisted Action Planning

Simplified action planning approach leveraging up-to-date organizational insights from your most recent listening events. Help managers quickly focus action with the greatest impact in alignment with organizational goals and team priorities.

  • AI-Powered Recommendations: Prioritized actions delivered directly to managers, based on real-time data and insights from employee listening events.
  • Proactive Planning: Initiates comprehensive action plans swiftly following manager approval, ensuring momentum and strategic alignment.
  • Strategic Alignment: Ensures that all action plans align with organizational goals, optimizing resource allocation and efforts across departments.
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Intelligent Nudges

Provide timely, relevant prompts to leaders and their teams in the flow of daily activities, ensuring that strategic initiatives continue to move forward in alignment with personal and organizational goals.

  • Personalization: Each nudge is customized for individual roles and specific organizational needs, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement.
  • Behavioral Science Foundation: Crafted from the latest behavioral science research, nudges are designed to effectively influence positive behavior changes.
  • Integration into Daily Workflows: Delivered within the normal flow of work, nudges make taking strategic actions an intuitive part of day-to-day tasks.
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The Power of Intelligent Nudges

Why Nudges Matter
Nudges play a pivotal role in building essential behaviors and habits that drive organizational success.

Backed by Nobel-prize-winning research, nudges offer subtle yet powerful advice for how to take action, fostering positive behavior change at every level of the organization.

96% of nudge recipients report that nudges drive noticeable positive change for leaders

32% Nudge recipients are 32% less likely to leave their jobs within a year when actively engaged with nudges

51% Studies show that nudges are 51% more effective in creating lasting behavior change than traditional trainings

40% boost in manager performance ratings attributed to nudges

Intelligent Nudges

Proven Results
Perceptyx Intelligent Nudges have significantly improved workplace habits, productivity, and retention.

Engaged employees are:

2.4x more likely to
take action

10% more

8% less likely
to leave

Impactful Nudges, Crafted with Care
Our team of behavioral scientists craft each nudge to inspire action and enhance workflow integration. These nudges are not merely notifications, they are proactive, dynamic elements designed to drive progress and stimulate innovation.

unlock transformation

Unlock Transformation
with Perceptyx

Activate simplifies your action planning process and amplifies the results. By integrating AI-Assisted Action Planning and science-backed Intelligent Nudges into your strategy, you empower managers and activate every employee to contribute to meaningful change.

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