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People Analytics is having a moment, powered by digital transformation and the need for more data to power business decision-making around performance, talent management, and the employee experience. (One indication? A recent LinkedIn search revealed more than 12,000 job openings for People Analytics practitioners at all levels!)

But for many organizations just getting started with People Analytics or looking to expand in 2022, the list of questions is long and growing. To offer some support, we kicked off our 2022 webinar program with 2 pros from the Perceptyx community: Rob King, Head of People Analytics with Takeda, and Sean Robinson, Director of Global Integrated Talent Management with Goodyear.

Some of the issues and questions we cover during the session:

  • What should my team look for when hiring? What skills are needed and what does an ideal governance and reporting structure look like?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges or obstacles to think about when introducing People Analytics to your business?
  • What role does People Analytics play in kick-starting and sustaining a data-driven HR culture, and what are the most important metrics to track?
  • How do we establish strong relationships and collaborate with leaders within HR as well as the larger business?
  • What technology or third-party provider investments are required to scale the people analytics function and assist in data gathering, insights, and analysis?
  • What areas of the employee experience in 2022 can be best served by a greater People Analytics focus?

Access the On-Demand recording to hear lessons from the front-lines and discover how to unlock new business & talent value with people analytics.

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