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Years of research shows that engaged, empowered employees create engaged, happy customers. While its valuable to understand which elements of the employee experience (EX) impact the customer experience (CX), it's essential to remember that the organization’s relationship with its employees and its customers is vastly different. The way we listen, measure, and act cannot be the same for both groups.

Yes, EX and CX survey platforms both need to collect data, but that’s the easy part. The biggest differentiator between EX and CX is what comes AFTER the data is collected. That’s because the users of the data, and how the data is leveraged within the company, are vastly different.


Watch our webcast to learn:

  • The unique dynamics of the employee-employer relationship, particularly today
  • The listening and analytics requirements for EX vs. CX platforms, and how organizations should assess their needs for each
  • Why and how EX survey data should be applied across the organization to drive action and support key business outcomes


Watch the webcast, Measuring Employee Experience vs. Customer Experience: Why It’s Time to Think Outside the Data featuring David Brodeur-Johnson of Forrester Research and Sarah Johnson of Perceptyx.


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