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In the three+ years since the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd created a surge of corporate DEI commitments, an even more acute dynamic has begun to dominate the workplace conversation: what does it mean to create a culture of belonging?

Many of the organizations that have been most successful in this work share one thing in common: a robust practice of listening to employees and acting on their feedback.

Our virtual panel features a diverse group of DEIB and People leaders to share their perspectives, offer insights into their specific listening and actioning strategies, and address questions from their peers on a similar journey to place belonging at the core of their employee experience.

Topics discussed during the session include:

  • What does it mean to create a culture of belonging?
  • Why has belonging become so critical, and so elusive, when it comes to our workplaces?
  • Can we place the impact of belonging in the context of other business or performance measures, such as employee engagement and retention?
  • How are successful programs engaging managers and other front-line leaders to support this work and align their values with action?

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