Our Company Values

  • We succeed together

    We succeed together

    Together, we are the one and only Perceptyx. We encourage and lift each other up to be the best versions of ourselves, knowing the parts elevate the whole. We are fully invested in each other’s success and hold ourselves and one another accountable. We win because we respect one another as we work together towards a common goal, bringing empathy, humor, and kindness to our daily work.

  • We are strengthened by our differences

    We are strengthened by our differences

    We inspire inclusive environments. We encourage everyone to promote fairness and transparency, bring their authentic selves to work, and feel a true sense of belonging. We celebrate differences as our greatest strength and our competitive advantage. We know each person’s uniqueness is the essential ingredient for building a truly creative and resilient team.

  • We care about the whole person

    We care about the whole person

    Our mission to enable people and organizations to thrive starts with being avid supporters and advocates of all aspects of wellbeing — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. Passion for our work is an important part of life, but it’s not everything. We want each other to flourish personally and professionally, and we honor both equally.

  • We act with purpose and urgency

    We act with purpose and urgency

    We know change is a constant and we’re not only prepared for it – we’re built for it. We stay ready for every eventuality by maintaining a dynamic approach to our work that favors action and is propelled entirely by our mission. We are bold and deliberate, always moving forward to embrace the opportunities ahead.

  • We challenge the limits

    We challenge the limits

    We don’t stop at success. We consistently push ourselves, pioneering beyond technology boundaries to deliver innovative products and solutions that drive powerful and repeatable results for ourselves and our customers. We believe in challenging the limits of today with high-performing teams that bring tomorrow’s revolutionary ideas.

  • We are passionate about customers outcomes

    We are passionate about customers outcomes

    We’re more than a vendor to our customers — we are trusted stewards of their employees’ voices. We empower employees to be active participants in their collective success, creating an environment in which they can thrive. We find joy in creating lifelong customer advocates. We affect real and positive change by helping our customers achieve their unique business mission.