Turbocharging Your HR Impact With a Data-Driven Culture

Live Webinar | October 25, 2021
8 AM PDT | 10 AM CDT | 11 AM EDT | 4 PM GMT

Digital transformation has caused an onslaught of data that organizations now collect and have access to. With the hope of improving the employee experience, streamlining operations, and creating better strategies, HR leaders have invested in new technologies and new analytical capabilities. Yet for many organizations, a strong, data-driven culture remains elusive and often intuition and gut feeling continue to be the basis for a lot of the important decision-making.  

The biggest hurdle to creating a successful, data-driven organization isn’t technical, but oftentimes a culturally-based one. It is simple enough to describe how to inject data into a decision-making process but it’s far harder to make this the automatic go-to for HR teams. This requires a shift in mindset that presents a daunting challenge for HR and business leaders. 

To tackle this mindset, UNLEASH is bringing together leaders in HR to discuss how to create and sustain a data-driven culture to unlock the full potential of people analytics in HR.  

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Topics to be discussed include: 

  • Getting alignment from leadership and making them lead by example
  • Guiding teams towards a data-driven culture  
  • How to choose which metrics to measure 
  • Breaking down silos between people analytics teams and the rest of the business 

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Session Speakers

Brett Wells

Brett Wells, Ph.D.

Director of People Analytics


Sue Lam

Global Head of People Analytics, Strategy and Culture
The Coca-Cola Company


Debby McIsaac

Global Head, Employee Engagement and Social Impact