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May 7New York

Ready to transform employee insights into tangible change for your organization? INSIGHTS is the only event where you’ll find the technology, insights, and connections to help you take your people strategy to the next level.

New York
Elevate Your EX Impact

Elevate Your EX Impact

A No-Cost, Invitation-Only Event!

Join a community of dedicated CHROs and People Leaders in New York! During this immersive one-day event, we will delve deep into best practices, explore new AI-powered technologies, and exchange ideas to influence culture, employee experience, and business outcomes with your peers.


  • Photo of Patrick Kulesa

    Patrick Kulesa

    Director, Employee Experience

  • Photo of Al Adamsen

    Al Adamsen

    SVP of Leader & Workforce Transformation

  • Photo of Matthew Gosney

    Matthew Gosney

    Vice President, Organizational Development

  • Photo of Dallis Howard-Crow

    Dallis Howard-Crow


  • Photo of Bethany Ellis

    Bethany Ellis

    Global Director of Talent Management & Development

  • Photo of Kristin Reisinger

    Kristin Reisinger

    Manager of Talent and Organizational Development


People Leaders will be invited to join us for breakfast at 8:30am and stay through a cocktail networking reception ending at 7:00pm. Here’s a look at some of the sessions and critical topics we’ll explore:

8:30 -

Breakfast & Networking

  • Emcee: Lisa Sterling, CPO, Perceptyx
9:00 -

Our Mission: Enable People & Organizations to Thrive

  • John Borland, CEO & CO-Founder, Perceptyx
Your people are your greatest strategic asset. We’re on a mission to help you successfully act on your employee listening insights in order to transform your employee experience and deliver tangible business success. Join our CEO, John Borland, for a look at how Perceptyx thinks about the future of work and what we’re doing to help you proactively respond to the ever-changing workplace.
9:20 -

Accelerate Action and Behavior Change at Scale

  • Joe Freed, VP of Product, Perceptyx
A positive workplace experience drives productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, and organizational performance. Yet, creating an experience that keeps pace with the evolving needs of your people, and your business, is hard. Employees will tell you what they need to thrive if you take the time to listen, but the listening part is easy. You have to be able to identify the right actions and then drive action across every level of your organization to truly make a meaningful impact. To meet these challenges, the next version of the Perceptyx platform enables you to close the gap between insights and impact. This session will explore how we’re leveraging advanced AI and machine learning to connect your listening strategy to the critical behaviors and actions necessary to deliver on your key business and talent priorities—and how this will support your managers and activate employees to make change possible.
10:00 -

​​How Listening Keeps up with the Times: Transformations at Salesforce

  • Patrick Kulesa, Director, Employee Experience, Salesforce
Change is a constant challenge, especially in the fast-paced tech industry where driving profitable growth is paramount. Salesforce is no exception to this tech evolution, which has impacted the employee listening strategy. With company changes at the start of 2023, the content of employee surveys shifted to focus more on support for productivity and aligned rewards while maintaining traditional content on connection to culture and purpose. Employee sentiment was impacted in ways that required direct senior leadership involvement in response, leading to improvements over time and new accountabilities. A more integrated listening approach emerged, linking insights across engagement surveys, business unit-specific feedback, and passive listening. AI-driven tools have further enhanced understanding of the workforce, providing more insight at a moment when change indeed feels ever more constant.
10:45 -

Listening to Lead Through Disruption

  • Lauren Beechly, Director, Leader & Workforce Transformation
Continuous disruptions require proactive leadership and organizational agility. From AI-enabled tools to tightening talent markets, to changes in market conditions necessitating shifts in business strategy, the instigators of change—the disruptions—seem to be coming at an ever-increasing pace and magnitude. Acknowledging this as the new normal, leaders have an opportunity—if not a fiduciary responsibility—to listen, learn, and take action on employees’ insights and ideas. Doing so effectively, however, requires a thoughtful approach to listening events, item design, frequency, etc. This session will share and explore innovative approaches and leading practices, those techniques that enable leaders and managers to strategize and take action with heightened levels of clarity and confidence.
11:05 -

From Insights to Impact: Filling the Gaps for Sustained Success

  • Emily Killham, Senior Director, People Analytics, Research & Insights, Perceptyx
The insights and ideas generated from Employee Listening events can inspire appropriate actions—actions that have a high probability of delivering desired outcomes. Even so, doing this at speed, at scale, and in sustainable ways has long been a challenge in large organizations. Enter the Perceptyx People Insights Model, the 16 Talent Priorities, AI-assisted Action Planning, and related tools, resources, and research. This session will share how these assets enable leaders, managers, and their partners to prioritize and focus their energy on proven approaches while also leaving room for individual and group creativity. This gives agency to those driving change, a critical success factor in enabling ongoing leader, team, and workforce transformation.
11:30 -

Insights Discussion: Incorporating Employee Feedback into Business Strategy

  • Open idea exchange with peers.
12:00 -

Lunch & Networking

1:00 -


  • Perceptyx Moderators
1:15 -

Intelligent Nudges: The Surprising Science of Behavior Change

  • Kian Betancourt, Senior People Science Consultant, Perceptyx
HR and business leaders across industries are asking the same question: How do I drive behavior change across my organization? Behavioral science research offers surprising answers. In this session we’ll explore how to activate employees at scale using the power of nudge theory, offering a simple framework for intentional, impactful behavior change.
2:00 -

Bringing the Employee Value Proposition to Life through Employee Voice

  • Dallis Howard-Crow, CHRO, UCHealth & Matthew Gosney, VP, Organizational Development, UCHealth
UCHealth, a complex academic healthcare organization headquartered in Colorado, is charting a clear course in the war for talent – a compelling employee value proposition that aligns with its mission to Improve Lives. Developed through research gleaned through its employee listening strategy, UCHealth has continued to leverage its EVP to distinguish itself from its market peers as a place where individuals can grow their careers. And, through implementation of lifecycle listening, the strength and efficacy of that EVP has been reinforced and expanded – now including its DE&I efforts. In this session, UCHealth’s HR leadership will walk participants through the process of articulating a meaningful EVP, reinforcing that EVP through impactful talent management initiatives, and continuous validation of the EVP through Perceptyx listening tools.
2:45 -

Insights Discussion: Action Planning Strategies for Greater Impact

  • Open idea exchange with peers.
3:45 -

DuPont Empowers Managers to Elevate EX Through Opportunity, Experience, & Purpose

  • Bethany Ellis, Global Director of Talent Management & Development, and Kristin Reisinger, Manager of Talent and Organizational Development at DuPont
In today's rapidly changing business environment, attracting and retaining talent is crucial to the success of any organization. At DuPont, we know that caring for our employees as individuals is critical for their engagement and satisfaction, as well as the long-term success of our business. Fundamentally, DuPont employees seek a career with the company to make a difference; whether that’s through Opportunity for growth and reward, Experience through strong connections and workplace flexibility, and Purpose through meaningful work. As we better equip managers to understand which of these levers are most important to each employee and to manage them accordingly, the DE&I experience and overall Engagement of their employees increases.
4:15 -

Enabling Leader & Workforce Transformation at Scale

  • Al Adamsen, SVP of Leader & Workforce Transformation, Perceptyx
We are in the Age of Continuous Disruption. Very little is static. Very little is highly predictable. A lot is highly valuable, if not outright unpredictable. Leaders, however, have to make decisions based on imperfect information. That said, the better the information they do have—e.g., information that’s timely, relevant, and actionable—the more confidently they'll be able to make decisions and effectively allocate their scarce financial and human resources. But how to generate such information and, as importantly, for whom, at what frequency, in what form, and for what purpose? This session will explore the future of Leader & Workforce Transformation and the associated governance and action planning models. It will summarize many of the themes of the day while leaving you with questions and ideas to consider in your own organization.
4:45 -

EX Impact Awards & Closing

  • John Borland, CEO & Co-Founder, Perceptyx
Celebrate people-first organizations that have led the way in EX transformation and achieved an extraordinary impact on their workplaces.
5:00 -

Cocktail Networking Reception

Conclude your INSIGHTS experience with continued peer networking, cocktails, and great food!

Venue Second Floor NYC

New York

Second Floor NYC

Perfectly located in the heart of Manhattan and Chelsea, on the 2nd floor beneath Kimpton Hotel Eventi, this venue captures the best of NYC. It boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive views of the city. Join us for an unforgettable event experience filled with great company, engaging conversations, exquisite dining, and an inviting ambiance!

Second Floor NYC
Second Floor NYC
Second Floor NYC

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