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How do we build an organization culture where employees speak up not because they have to, but because they want to? Many employees may be reluctant to provide open and honest feedback in their workplace if they have done so in the past, but their feedback was either ignored, or worse, used against them. Why would someone continue to speak up if their feedback has fallen on deaf ears time and time again? The unfortunate reality is that many employee listening programs are not designed with an emphasis on how to take action in such a way as to validate the opinions of each respondent. How do we build trust with employees to drive further conversations and data collection that is relevant and meaningful? How do we mobilize our organizations to take action on the insights that matter most?

Join the discussion and hear Rob Edwards from Epiq Global, Darcie Casper from McAfee, Mike Eaton from Kellogg Company, and Katie Cheney from Duke Energy, on how to build a listening program that is designed with an emphasis on taking action

  • "Building a Culture of Continuous Feedback" - Thursday, July 16th, at 8:00a.m. PDT


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