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Listen to your people and understand employee experiences across your organization with point-in-time surveys.

World-class and easy to use.

Gather the thoughts, opinions, and perceptions shaping your organization’s employee experience through point-in-time surveys. Point-in-time listening offers a structured approach to actively listen to your workforce, enabling you to decode their collective experiences and, ultimately, unleash your workforce’s potential for driving business success. Whether your company has 5,000 or 500,000 employees, leveraging point-in-time employee listening is essential for gathering a baseline of organization-wide perceptions regarding work, organizational dynamics, leadership, and culture. This empowers you with the data you need to decode and eventually improve the employee experience and your entire business.

  • “Since our partnership with Perceptyx, we’ve been able to develop the DEI index based on our engagement survey questions and thread those throughout onboarding and exit, allowing us to see, measure, and also give each manager their scorecard. We can also filter that data back through other score mark scorecards that the managers have at their fingertips, things like operational metrics, capacity, etc.”

    Kayla Dowdle, Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness and Employee Experience, AccentCare
  • “We have challenges because of our business complexity, nationalities, languages, and diverse cultures. Perceptyx has a robust platform that helps us not only to translate things in a proper way, but also, and this is something that I love, it’s not something that is static. We can bring our point of view and co-create which is important because our employee listening approach is not a one size fits all.”

    Nathalya Rigitano, Global Manager of Culture and Employee Listening, AB InBev

Decode your employee experience holistically

Grounded in the Perceptyx People Insights Model, we provide access to an extensive collection of over 700 benchmarked, research-backed items designed to address every aspect of the employee experience. Quickly create a customized survey tailored to your organization’s needs to capture the entirety of the employee experience.

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Smarter listening with logic

Get authentic insights, from everyone

Enhance employee survey reach and engagement by enabling participation across multiple channels. Employees can conveniently access the survey on any device thanks to a modern, responsive design. This wide accessibility fosters greater inclusion, leading to more genuine insights. Everybody wins.

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Know what matters, when it matters

Gain real-time perspectives as soon as the survey is live, and take action even before the survey closes.

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Customer Stories

NBCUniversal established a listening program aligned with company values, providing actionable insights, enhancing employee engagement, and enabling informed decisions to improve the employee experience.

Learn more about the NBCUniversal customer story

Carhartt’s engagement is up by 25 points since the initial survey in 2016, and the results from the 2020 survey indicated its highest level yet—93%—even against the backdrop of the pandemic.

Learn more about the Carhartt customer story

BAYADA achieved increased employee participation, transitioned to continuous listening, and ultimately enhanced their listening culture and drove action based on employee feedback.

Learn more about the BAYADA Home Healthcare customer story

Use Cases

Employee Engagement

Understand your employee experience, identify barriers to performance, and dive deeper into employee sentiment. When leaders ask–and act on–what matters to their people, their company thrives.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Empower your people to bring their authentic selves to work, celebrate diversity, and ensure that everyone knows they belong. When someone knows they belong, they will want to stay.

Culture Transformation

Understand your peoples’ collective experience of “how things are done around here” and pinpoint challenges and opportunities to create a more meaningful culture that fosters retention, and attracts top talent.

The Future of Work

Help your organization adapt to the new ways of working by co-defining new processes and practices that strengthen the Employee Experience and drive business outcomes.

Best Practices

Blogs that discuss how to use Point-In-Time surveys

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