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360 Feedback

Provide managers the insights they need to transform into inspiring leaders.

See how others see you

360 Feedback is useful to assist managers in gaining self-awareness regarding their strengths and areas for improvement, in alignment with the organization’s leadership standards. By integrating data from other Perceptyx listening channels such as point-in-time surveys and lifecycle events, organizations can leverage 360 feedback programs to provide managers the feedback and guidance they need to improve, and assess managerial success effectively.

  • “Utilizing Perceptyx’s 360 Feedback product has been a huge step for us. With 160,000 employees, we need to ensure they feel connected, that we are taking care of them, and listening to feedback. This is such an important process in evolving and developing our people.”

    Nathalya Rigitano, Global Manager of Culture and Employee Listening, AB InBev
  • “The Perceptyx platform enables us to gather data-driven insights on manager effectiveness across the entire organization in a meaningful and consistent way. In partnership with our business leaders, we use these data-driven insights to develop and target custom interventions to continually assess and improve manager capability.”

    Roxanne Laczo, Head of People Analytics, Cloudflare
  • “Using the 360 assessment tool at DuPont has empowered our managers with the self-awareness necessary to align and refine their leadership capabilities. The insights gleaned from our custom assessment have become a catalyst for ongoing dialogue about what balanced leadership looks like within our organization.”

    Kristin Reisinger, Manager, Talent and Organizational Development, DuPont

Expand and Develop Manager Effectiveness at Scale

Perceptyx 360 Feedback is crafted to broaden perspectives and develop leadership skills across your organization. This solution simplifies the review process and provides significant benefits:

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Listen Active Events
headshot 3
communication skills
headshot 3
action plan engagement

Break Down Barriers to Performance and Foster Trust

Our 360 Feedback solution ensures a balanced and fair assessment process while accelerating leadership development through:

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nominate your 360 feedback raters
headshot 6
understanding blind spots

Align Achievements with Organizational Goals and Elevate Brand Culture

360 Feedback is customizable to reflect your organization's unique culture and strategic goals, ensuring that managerial actions drive desired business outcomes:

Perceptyx Leadership Competency Model
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build cooperative relationships
headshot 6
which business and talent priority would you like to address

Enhance Collaboration and Streamline Leadership Development

Improve the effectiveness of your leadership development initiatives with features that support clear communication and collaborative goal-setting:

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your assessments
headshot 10
people analytics
headshot 10
suggested actions

The Perceptyx Leadership Competency Model

Leveraging empirical research, and published 360 leadership models, our Workforce Transformation Consultants created the Perceptyx 360 Leadership Competency Model which includes 16 competencies and 90 behaviors for front line and mid-level leaders. The 16 competencies fall into the four distinct dimensions featured below, including: Manages Relationships, Manages Self, Manages Others, and Manages Relationships.

Perceptyx Leadership Competency Model

Customer Stories

NBCUniversal established a listening program aligned with company values, providing actionable insights, enhancing employee engagement, and enabling informed decisions to improve the employee experience.

Learn more about the NBCUniversal customer story

Carhartt’s engagement is up by 25 points since the initial survey in 2016, and the results from the 2020 survey indicated its highest level yet—93%—even against the backdrop of the pandemic.

Learn more about the Carhartt customer story

BAYADA achieved increased employee participation, transitioned to continuous listening, and ultimately enhanced their listening culture and drove action based on employee feedback.

Learn more about the BAYADA Home Healthcare customer story

Use Cases

Create a culture of self-awareness

Use your own, or leverage the Perceptyx leadership competency model to identify the behaviors and tendencies managers should refine to model leadership for their teams.

Uncover success-driving factors

Utilize your competency model to enhance leadership practices that significantly boost team performance.

Accelerate organizational performance

Accelerate positive momentum across your organization by removing obstacles to people doing their best work.

Drive agile leadership growth

Leverage 360 Insights for Leaders, a custom train-the-trainer session on how participants can quickly interpret and take action on the 360 feedback report.

Best Practices

Blogs that discuss how to use 360 Feedback

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