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Uncover valuable insights from moments that matter across the employee lifecycle.

Know the moments that matter. All the time.

Lifecycle surveys are used to understand your employees’ experience as they move through the employee journey, such as their orientation and onboarding, navigating organizational change, departure, and more. This insight allows leaders to design a better experience for others earlier in the employee journey, to improve engagement at later stages and get ahead of issues such as unwanted turnover.

  • “Our listening program has gone through the roof since working with Perceptyx. We've gone live with career cycle surveys for our newest employees, exit surveys, and pulse surveys that are topic specific. So really eliciting all the feedback we can to make sure that we understand what's going on with our workforce, and that allows us to adapt and change as quickly as things are adapting and changing for our employees.”

    Conrad Kresge, Employee Experience & Insights Manager, Norton Healthcare
  • “We were already using Perceptyx for the annual survey, again, we were running all of these other surveys. We had a different tool for every single one, and we were constantly being asked to link all this together. So how do we link our onboarding? How do we link that to our survey data, to the exit data? It was difficult, at best. So, we needed someone to have one platform to link all this together.”

    Dan Fiedler, Director Employee Engagement, Comcast
  • “One of the reasons that we really appreciate the Perceptyx platform is that it gives us the opportunity to have a more robust listening strategy. Now we don't need to listen only one time a year during the big engagement survey, but we have the opportunity to do so at more regular intervals and to deploy surveys throughout the career journey, including from the periods of onboarding to even exit surveys.”

    Mayer Bellehsen, AVP, Behavioral Health, Northwell Health

Automated and Targeted

Lifecycle connects directly to your HRIS, ensuring surveys reach the right person at the right time, especially during critical junctures like onboarding, exits, promotions, and organizational shifts. These surveys gather valuable feedback, enhancing the understanding and management of these pivotal moments.

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Rapid Insights with Predefined Templates

Jump in with predefined listening templates to swiftly gather feedback on employee experiences during onboarding and exit, saving time on survey development. These templates and survey items seamlessly leverage the People Insights Model, ensuring alignment of your lifecycle program with other listening events within your holistic listening program.

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Enhance Engagement Drivers Across Time

Preempt problems before they arise and improve intent to stay, DEIB, well-being, and engagement by understanding how experiences early in the employee journey impact these outcomes.

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Customer Stories

AccentCare incorporated onboarding and exit surveying, which gave the ability to see the full employee lifecycle and connect all the insights together, feed that data back into sources like attrition and turnover to see the full story of why people are leaving or why they're disengaged.

Learn more about the AccentCare customer story

Carhartt partnered with Perceptyx to introduce a new onboarding survey in 2021, the first in what will be a series of lifecycle surveys, intended to measure perceptions across a variety of moments that matter in the associate’s journey with the company.

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Huntington Bank increased its exit survey completion rate from the 25% to 30% range with a prior vendor to between 60% and 65% of people who receive the survey with Perceptyx, gaining critical data into understanding where the organization is at any given point in time.

Learn more about the Huntington Bank customer story

Use Cases

Candidate Experience

Win the best talent and proactively curate a positive employee experience by identifying improvements in the recruiting process.

Orientation & Onboarding

Set employees up for success by understanding how new hires’ onboarding process impacts their experience with their manager, team, role, and work systems.

Growth & Performance

Help employees perform and contribute their best to their organization by recreating success factors and removing barriers.

Exit & Advocacy

Understand attrition factors and help alumni become ambassadors and promoters of your brand by identifying attrition factors that hurt or support the business.

Best Practices

Blogs that discuss how to use Lifecycle

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