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Crowdsourced insights and recommendations for action.


Align leaders and teams around meaningful action through real-time insight.

Dialogue is an employee voice solution that crowdsources people’s thoughts and ideas on what matters most, and which actions to take to move forward quickly - building inclusion, trust and shared ownership in the path ahead.

  • “(With Dialogue) we’re asking questions that are relevant not only to our employees but to us as an employer. We’re asking questions that are relevant to the action that we can actually take. It’s super quick, it’s super simple, and it’s to the point.”

    Dallis Howard-Crow, Chief Human Resources Officer at UCHealth
  • “We really love Dialogue for asking open-ended questions and then crowdsourcing. When everyone went home during the pandemic, we deployed Dialogue as a triage tool for immediate transparency.”

    Carolyn Petsche, Assistant Director, Talent Management, Principal Financial Group
  • “Dialogue helps by summarizing a great deal of input rapidly. People are reading each others’ comments and voting them up, and the feedback becomes extremely actionable.”

    Rick Smith, Human Resources Executive at University of Utah Health
  • “Dialogue helps you instantaneously get to the important questions and get your best minds to contribute to the possibilities. So then very quickly, just like that, you know what you’re working with and how to take action.”

    Craig Bardenheuer, Former Vice President, Worldwide Business Innovation & Growth at Juniper Networks
  • “Dialogue gives us the magic formula of directed listening followed by directed action. Then we rinse and repeat. Again and again.”

    Victoria Hughes, Head of Talent Management, Learning, Development and Culture at Delta Dental

Ask the people who know

Invite employees to share authentic feedback on the topics most important to them through an open, transparent dialogue.

Prioritize the actions that matter

Empower everyone to co-define the best action by voting on each other’s anonymous responses.

Take the best path forward

Empower leaders to synthesize the organization’s collective wisdom to address key challenges in real-time and at scale.

Customer Stories

Principal Financial Group utilizes Dialogue to send multiple, organization-wide pulses to its 18,500 global employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was able to quickly understand how people were doing and provide leadership with immediate responses for fast action.

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UCHealth has significant improvement in employee engagement, trust in leadership, and patient experience scores. In the first year of the program alone, employee engagement went up 15% and trust in leadership increased by 18%.

Learn more about the UCHealth customer story

The Ken Blanchard Companies rapidly identified the most pressing employee concerns related to career development through employing Dialogue, leading to achieving a 7% rate of internal promotions from within — in some cases to roles that didn’t previously exist.

Learn more about the The Ken Blanchard Companies customer story

What happens when you choose Perceptyx

Elevate employee voices

Quickly capture valuable insights from everyone on what is and isn’t working well.

Focus on what matters

Draw on collective wisdom to pinpoint and address priorities together.

Take fast action

Immediately align on the best action to take through pairwise voting.

Demonstrate an inclusive culture

Generate trust, psychological safety and accountability through transparent dialogue.

Use Cases

Employee Engagement Pulses

Go deeper into survey results in real-time to address feelings around proposed priorities and action.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Demonstrate inclusion at scale by inviting employees to co-create solutions to the most pressing challenges. Encourage authentic responses to key questions through an intuitive experience and optional integration with other listening channels.

Well-being, Retention and Growth

Activate an authentic conversation that generates the trust, alignment and action steps to co-navigate the best path ahead.

Employee Engagement Pulses

Identify what’s getting in the way of your people having the best employee experience possible, and exactly what you can do to break down those barriers.

Best Practices

Blogs that discuss how to use Dialogue

Why Crowdsourcing is the Future of Employee Listening

Webinar providing an up-close look at Dialogue, how it’s so powerful for amplifying employee voices, and how it fits into a larger strategy for continuous employee listening at scale.

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Create Alignment and Transparency Through Open Dialogue with Employees

A deep dive into how UCHealth effectively used Dialogue to open up an ongoing conversation with employees, driving a culture of trust, alignment, and feedback.

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Measuring Culture Through Employee Voice

A discussion of how to leverage the power of crowdsourcing and voting to drive a culture of safety and continuously build the best possible work environment for employees.

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