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Understand the workplace factors that motivate your people to do their best work.


World-class and easy to use.

Ask is an employee survey product to enhance your people experience and fuel business performance. Whether your organization is 5,000 people or 500,000 people, Ask is built from the ground-up to make surveying employees easy. From building surveys on your own to having a Perceptyx team of experts partner with you, even the most complex employee listening programs become simple.

  • “Prior to Perceptyx, our survey of Hitachi, Ltd.’s 100,000 employees in Japan took six months to analyze and a year to get results reported. Perceptyx turned that around with a cutting edge, real-time product.”

    Levent Arabaci, GM, Hitachi Human Capital Group
  • “We pull out specific metrics so our leaders can monitor D&I and resiliency on a regular basis. Without [Perceptyx], we wouldn’t have that level of access to the D&I metrics and the trust index.”

    Qiana Williams, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Vice President of Human Resources for OhioHealth
  • “The ease with which Perceptyx was able to identify areas of opportunity - and then lead managers and employees to have a conversation to figure out things to work on - was really helpful.”

    Laura Kunitz, Principal Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at C.H. Robinson
  • “Our engagement survey has brought to light many easy fixes that we can improve within a matter of days. For complex issues, we are seeing trends that didn’t seem to exist before, such as stressed employees are less likely to feel valued.”

    Internal HR Consultant in Hospital & Health Care
  • “We used Perceptyx to administer a survey to almost 14,000 staff to hear their perceptions about the work culture. Perceptyx provided a great survey platform married with reporting that met all our needs.”

    HR Administrator in Hospital & Health Care
  • “Perceptyx has made it very easy for us to share survey feedback with our managers, so more localized actions are happening. It also allows fast distribution of survey results and findings.”

    Annalyn J., SVP Talent Analytics, Media Company

Shift HR from tactical to strategic

Design a survey for your organization within minutes, leveraging a library of more than 250 validated and benchmarked questions to understand key perceptions and behaviors related to the employee experience. These include engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion, health and well-being, and much more.

Get authentic insights, from everyone

Improve survey accessibility and response rates through participation via multiple channels. Employees can take the survey on any device using a modern responsive design. Broad access means enhanced inclusion, and this means more authentic insights. Everybody wins.

Know what matters, when it matters

Gain real-time perspectives while the survey is live, including insights through Dialogue crowdsourcing and voting, and share final results as soon as it closes. Personalized reports for managers and leaders highlight issues most relevant to their teams.

Customer Stories

Boeing’s implementation of Ask Self-Service supported as many as 15-20 concurrent surveys across the organization.

Learn more about the Boeing customer story

Carhartt’s engagement is up by 25 points since the initial survey in 2016, and the results from the 2020 survey indicated its highest level yet—93%—even against the backdrop of the pandemic.

Learn more about the Carhartt customer story

M&T conducted 19 pulse surveys to keep up with the rapidly evolving employee well-being and perceptions, helping handle the unique challenges of both remote and frontline workers.

Learn more about the M&T Bank customer story

What happens when you choose Perceptyx

Tap into your intelligence, everywhere

Invite your people from across the globe to share their insights with surveys in over 160 languages.

Delight your people

Reflect your unique culture with branded logos, fonts, and images.

Make your job easy

Streamline design and execution with pre-built survey solutions validated by our domain experts.

Forget the busy work

Minimize administrative efforts with our simple set up, or leverage our professional services team if needed.

Use your skills wisely

Build your own items, borrow from our library, or combine both into a single experience.

Put your results in focus

Contextualize your data with the most comprehensive benchmarks database with data from over 18.9 million surveys using 650 distinct items.

Crowdsource insights and actions

Combine Ask listening with Dialogue employee crowdsourcing and voting to dive deeper into survey results to pinpoint what your people need most.

Use Cases

Employee Engagement

Understand your employee experience, identify barriers to performance, and dive even deeper into employee sentiment through Dialogue crowdsourcing. When leaders ask–and act on–what matters to their people, their company thrives. Learn from Carhartt’s experience.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Empower your people to bring their authentic selves to work, celebrate diversity, and ensure that everyone knows they belong. When someone knows they belong, they will want to stay.

Culture Transformation

Understand your peoples’ collective experience of “how things are done around here” and pinpoint challenges and opportunities to create a more meaningful culture that fosters retention, and attracts top talent.

The Future of Work

Help your organization adapt to the new ways of working by co-defining new processes and practices that strengthen the Employee Experience and drive business outcomes.

Best Practices

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Getting started is easy

Advance from data to insights to focused action

People Insights Platform

Drive Change, Deliver Impact


Employee surveys to illuminate the employee experience

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Crowdsourced insights to engage your people on the topics that matter most

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Lifecycle surveys and always-on listening to keep pace with your people

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360 feedback and Intelligent Coaching to improve manager effectiveness

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