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In this webinar, we team up with Forrester to share a different perspective on the role that manager feedback can play in a continuous listening and actioning strategy. 

During the session, we cover:

  • The unique development needs of managers
  • How specific manager behaviors may be contributing to, or detracting from your employee experience
  • Why manager enablement must include actionable feedback from others
  • How 'behavioral listening' can augment manager enablement to provide greater self-awareness, and
  • The value of an integrated listening platform to capture, synthesize, and act on these insights at scale.

Empower managers with intelligent coaching and peer feedback

Cultivate is a hyper-personalized and scalable manager effectiveness solution to nurture managers into leaders in today’s digital work environment. Managers are working in a hybrid and distributed workplace, increasingly interacting with people over digital platforms like Slack and Teams. They need support to understand how their behavior can build trust with their people, encourage engagement, and promote well-being. Help your managers assess their effectiveness in relation to your organization’s leadership competency model with Cultivate 360 Feedback. Provide always-on, AI-powered coaching in their flow of work, grounded in observed behaviors and peer feedback, with Cultivate Intelligent Coaching.

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