A People Leader’s Guide to Intelligent Coaching

Personalized, AI-powered guidance to help leaders learn "in the moment"

Your Managers are working in hybrid, highly distributed workplaces, increasingly interacting with colleagues over digital platforms like Slack, Teams, and Zoom. They need support and individualized feedback to understand how their behavior impacts engagement, builds trust, and promotes well-being and psychological safety.

Is your current leadership development strategy up to the task?

AI-powered Intelligent Coaching augments human coaching and other off-line development activities to drive measurable behavior change – at scale, in the flow of work, and at a fraction of the cost. Completely opt-in, Managers gain unique insights about the frequency and scope of their interactions with teammates, as well as their personal communication patterns on digital channels like email and chat.


Download this eBook to learn how Cultivate Intelligent Coaching can:

  • Improve manager-team relationships through real-time, actionable feedback
  • Drive measurable behavior change with contextual, hyper-personalized advice and nudges
  • Increase the ROI and scalability of your leadership development strategy