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Provide managers the insights they need to transform into inspiring leaders.


See how others see you.

Develop by Perceptyx is a multi-rater, 360/180 feedback product designed to provide leaders with critical insight into their strengths and developmental opportunities based on self evaluation and the input of peers and others they work with. When combined with data from other Perceptyx listening channels, organizations gain exceptional insight into leader effectiveness and how to help them grow.


“Our partnership with Perceptyx helps us gauge performance on our seven core leadership competencies and monitor the impact of the updates we’re making. We feel good about where we are — and where we’re going.”

Scott Hicks, Sr. Organizational Development Specialist

Create a culture of self-awareness

Identify the right behaviors and tendencies for managers to focus and reflect on - and course correct - to model leadership for their teams.

Know what achievement factors matter

Amplify the leadership practices that have the most impact on driving team performance.

Accelerate organizational performance

Advance positive momentum across your organization by removing the obstacles that block people from doing their best work.

What happens when you choose Perceptyx

Efficiency through centralized administration

Enjoy fast, easy, and complete survey management through one central Listening Home.

Showcase your culture

Reflect your values and brand with thoughtful, personalized question sets and a polished look and feel.

Foster trust

Empower participants with the autonomy to nominate their own raters.

Keep it fair

Let managers confirm that the panel of raters is balanced and representative.

Relate to reports

Reflect participants’ genuine experience through personalized reports with a built-in overview of your leadership-model, and best practices for interpreting scores.

Ease collaboration

Help admins, managers and coaches collaborate efficiently with easy report management and sharing.

Use Cases

Leadership Development

Help managers perform their best by identifying and improving weaknesses and amplifying strengths.

Team Performance

Help teams work better together by identifying the factors disrupting collaboration and trust.

Business Performance

Boost high performance across the organization by reinforcing the practices and behaviors driving top talent success.

Best Practices

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Getting started is easy

Advance from data to insights to focused action

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