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Comment Analytics

Insights from Open-Ended Responses

Advanced AI for Text Analysis

Unlock In-Depth Comment Insights with Advanced AI

Theme Detection

Efficiently categorize comment data into over 40 themes to provide leaders actionable insights for strategic improvements and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Intent Model

Classify comments by purpose and attitude into five categories, streamlining the identification of employee needs for targeted action and improvement.

Sentiment Analysis

Quickly assess employee sentiment to improve workplace culture and foster a positive environment by addressing specific needs and concerns.

Emotion Model

Decode complex emotions in comments into six valences, enabling precise and empathetic responses that support a nurturing and understanding workplace.

Comment Analysis Across the Platform

Comments Report

Unlock instant insights with event-specific reports, featuring ready-made analyses, word clouds, and immediate value for all users.

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comments report summary

Analytics Studio

Transform employee feedback into action with custom dashboards in an innovative workspace, powered by the latest NLP and machine learning for in-depth analysis.

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analytics studio comments and analysis

AI Hub

Access proprietary AI models tailored for people analytics experts, enhancing understanding of open-text comments collected from external sources (e.g., Glassdoor).

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AI hub model types
upload comment data

Advanced Reporting and Translations

Enhance global analysis with advanced reporting and extensive translations, allowing for precise data filtering and support in over 100 languages for comprehensive inclusion.

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Advanced reporting and translations

Hear From Our Customers

  • Our surveys generate tens of thousands of open-ended comments which are critical to the feedback process and the impact on employee satisfaction. Leaders are able to access this data and immediately act upon concerns, such as compensation/inflation or career growth opportunities.

    Dan FiedlerDirector, Employee Engagement at Comcast NBCUniversal
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  • The ability to dig into the comments section has been great — that’s where a lot of the meat comes in especially for onboarding and exit surveys. We can now further define the issues that we’re really dealing with and can act on those.

    Kayla DowdleDirector of Employee Experience at AccentCare
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