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IGT - Customer Testimonial


Mariangela Battista:
I am Mariangela Battista, and I am the global head of talent for IGT.

I have responsibility for all of talent, which basically means all of our talent acquisition, how we hire folks around the world, our talent management and development, performance, succession, coaching, mentoring, all development, talent development, which is really kind of our professional and leadership development, and then internal communications.

We began our partnership with Perceptyx in 2018, and we have a cadence of every other year from an engagement perspective, but we've really embraced an entire listening strategy. So we have launched our candidate experience survey, hiring manager survey, exit survey, and soon to be onboarding survey.

From a technology perspective, it's easy to use. It's very intuitive, even for folks who are not tech savvy. We are a technology company, but I will say there's still lots of managers who are not so tech savvy. And it's a very easy platform.

I think what we're learning through the listening program is the consistency of what we're hearing from our employees. So it's not just a question of, oh, this is coming out through My Voice, through the engagement survey. We're hearing it in the exit surveys. We're hearing it in some of the other surveys that we're asking as well. So the consistency of the results is really helping us to shape the message for our executives to understand what's happening with our employees. And we can really triangulate different pieces of data to say, it's all telling us the same thing.

As we shape the future of work, it really is around how work will be done. So we are relooking at kind of skills. We're relooking at what is necessary and what's critical for us to be successful. So it's skills based, it's training and development, but it is continuing to listen to our employees to see what will make them successful.

Perceptyx is a great partner and really, truly a partner. So my entire talent team really enjoys working with the Perceptyx team. When we first started with My Voice, I didn't have the capability on my team, really a project manager, and we really started to build it out. And so when we didn't have some of the capability, especially in the analytics, reached out to Perceptyx to help us like, hey, can you do some of these analyses for us? These are some of the hypotheses I'm interested in. I don't have the bandwidth. We don't have the skills here. As we've been growing the team and growing the capability within the team, it's still wonderful to just partner with Perceptyx and really understand what your clients are seeing as well, how consistent that is with what we're seeing, so it's just been a great partnership.

I really, really value Perceptyx as a true partner in what we're doing from the employee listening and the employee experience perspective.


About IGT

IGT (NYSE: IGT) is the global leader in gaming, delivering entertaining and responsible experiences for players across all channels and regulated segments, from lotteries and gaming machines to sports betting and digital. Leveraging a wealth of compelling content, substantial investment in innovation, player insights, operational expertise, and leading-edge technology, IGT’s solutions deliver unrivaled gaming experiences that engage players and drive growth.

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Industry: Technology

Number of Employees: 10,500

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