Josh Bersin Academy Report

Employee Experience in 2021 and Beyond: Listening at Scale

In today’s complex and ever-changing business environment, listening is complex.

That's why it is crucial for large organizations to develop a strategy that can (A) handle the number and complexity of all employee needs and issues and then (B) be able to rapidly analyze feedback data in order to take appropriate actions quickly.

JBA-Listening at Scale - Cover

This report, published by Josh Bersin Academy in partnership with Perceptyx, outlines the importance of listening to employees and shows how doing so can have a massive impact on business performance and workforce engagement. But it needs to be done right.

This report will help you better understand: 

  • The Changing World of Employee Experience
  • A Listening Framework for Listening at Scale
  • Considerations for Employee Experience Technology

Download this free report to learn more about the unexpected findings of our joint research—and the actions you can take to benchmark your practices and prioritize plans for coming months.