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What makes Perceptyx different from other employee listening and analytics solutions?

We could tell you that we have the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of listening channels – from census to lifecycle to crowdsourcing, and more. Or that our singular, nearly 20-year focus on helping enterprises improve the employee experience means we understand what’s needed to achieve each customer’s unique definition of success. Or that our commitment to innovation and usability are unrivaled when it comes to helping our customers turn people insights into action.

But we thought we'd let our customers answer that question.
Watch the video below to hear what they had to say.


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Israa Khan, Director of Organizational Development, Yuma Regional Medical Center: "The most significant piece of the Perceptyx technology and platform, is how simple it is. And at the same time, how robust it is. Historically, in our organization, when we get data, it's like, 'oh my God what do we do with all of this data?' And what's really helpful is actionable insights on the Perceptyx platform. The action planning tool is so simplified, where our leaders are actually taken aback by how simple it is."

Mark Peacock, SVP & CHRO, Encova Insurance: "One of the things I like best about the platform is how intuitive it is. It makes it very easy for our managers to get in, look at the data, understand their data. If there are inhibitors with the technology, they're just not gonna do it. One of the other things I like about partnering with Perceptyx, is, of course, there's flexibility with the survey itself. We wanna maintain the ability to benchmark, but both surveys we had specific objectives that we wanted to measure. And of course, Perceptyx has that kind of flexibility."

Shanna Daugherty, SHRM, Global Manager of Associate Development, Ahold Delhaize: "Part of the reason why we wanted Perceptyx, is because we knew where we wanted to go. And that was really having that much more inclusive, all-encompassing approach to listening."

Brent Proulx, M.S., SHRM-SCP, VP of Human Resources, Select Medical: "That lens of awareness that Perceptyx drives, it's just really powerful for leaders who care about change, who care about changing things in the right way."

Bethany Dohleman, Ph.D., Director of Organizational Research, AbbVie: "They have a very strong product off the shelf, but then they can completely customize it to meet the needs of those individual organizations. The product has that strong foundation, that strong background, that allows us to deliver those actionable insights to executives and to our leaders."

Adam Koussari, SHRM-SCP, Director of Talent Management, Cengage: "We've only gotten extremely positive feedback that it's accessible, it's relatively intuitive. We've done a lot of self-service and it's incredible how much people can just get in, dive in and play around. And we always say like, 'You're not gonna break anything.' Right? Like there's nothing that an individual manager can do or what have you. And I think people really appreciate and enjoy that."

Laura Kunitz, Principal Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, C.H. Robinson: "We haven't yet dabbled in crowdsourcing but we're really pointing towards crowdsourcing, as the next step to have more of that bottoms-up approach of really starting to have our employees put action together, and essentially rank for us what needs to be worked on at any given time."

Mariangela Battista, Ph.D., VP and Global Head of Talent Management, IGT: "We've really embraced an entire listening strategy. So we have launched our candidate experience survey, hiring manager survey, exit survey, and soon to be, onboarding survey. From a technology perspective, it's easy to use. It's very intuitive, even for folks who are not tech-savvy. We are a technology company, but I will say there's still lots of managers who are not so tech-savvy. And it's a very easy platform."

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