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Why Customers Love Working With Perceptyx

At Perceptyx, we’re passionate about delivering on the key business outcomes that are most important to our customers. (In fact, it's one of our core values!) Our unique blend of technology, professional services, and consulting are unmatched in the employee listening space, as evidenced by our market-leading customer retention and NPS metrics. For us, business is personal. But don’t take our word for it.
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Bethany Dohleman, Ph.D., Director of Organizational Research, AbbVie: "For us, Perceptyx is a true partner in that they bring that external expertise, they bring those external benchmarks of what other companies are doing, and then we partner with them to figure out what our best approach is internally. I send a lot of questions to my friends over on the Perceptyx side. And it's, 'Hey, I'm looking at the data this way. What are you guys seeing? How does this compare with other people?' I call them my phone-a-friends. This is the third company that I've worked for that has used Perceptyx. I've actually been aware of Perceptyx for probably the last 10 years or so, going through a couple of different RFPs with different organizations. Perceptyx always shows up really strong when compared with their peers. And a lot of that differentiation comes through their consulting, through their customizability."

Matthew Gosney, Ed.D., VP of Organizational Development, UCHealth: "My experience working with the Perceptyx team has been nothing short of fantastic. What I really love about working with the team is how invested they are in our success. And that's not always the case. We've certainly worked with vendors that are more interested in their success, but it feels very authentic and very real. In one word, I would describe Perceptyx as innovative. This is an organization that is interested in pushing the envelope of what listening could be, what it should look like, what it can look like, how it can impact businesses and organizations and cultures and communities. And I think that's crucial."

Matthew Grossman, Ph.D., Director & Head of Workforce Analytics, Organon: "We love our Perceptyx team. What I appreciate about the team at Perceptyx is they approach everything with an 'Oh wow, that's interesting. What about this?' sort of mentality rather than just going in trying to get the job done, do the off-the-shelf product, and then push us on to the next client. They really are curious in our results and our data, why we're doing what we're doing, how we can do it better, how we compare to benchmarks."

Brent Proulx, M.S., SHRM-SCP, VP of Human Resources, Select Medical: "So, when we were evaluating Perceptyx against other vendors, customer service level was something we absolutely considered. And knowing that you have a team of dedicated service professionals who do take service very seriously, that was a big selling point for us."

Shanna Daugherty, SHRM, Global Manager of Associate Development, Ahold Delhaize: "Perceptyx is probably the one vendor out of any vendor that I've ever worked with that I would hands down say is the best vendor that I've ever worked with."

Adam Koussari, SHRM-SCP, Director of Talent Management, Cengage: "It's quick, it's effective, it's smart. It's an actual partnership. 'Cause I think too often, especially with vendor relationships, it's a push, pull, give and take, constant negotiation. It feels like there's a really healthy balance where we're all focused on producing good work."

Laura Kunitz, Principal Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, C.H. Robinson: "My experience has been amazing. I always say I think of the Perceptyx team just like an extension of my team. I've never gone with a question or an idea and had them not be willing to sit down and think it through with me and come up with a solution or a way forward. I really value that partnership, and I enjoy having them be part of my team."

Rob King, Head of People Analytics, Sr. Director, Takeda: "It's just been great. That's my one word, right? I'm one of Perceptyx's biggest fans."

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