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Transforming Behavior Change and Enhancing Interactions in the Workplace with Lisa Sterling

In this episode of The Unleashing Leaders Podcast, Lisa Sterling, Perceptyx's Chief People Officer, shares her insights on the importance of embracing friction and discomfort in the workplace, the power of diverse teams in driving radical change, and the role of intelligent nudging in behavior change.

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How Employee Listening Tools Can 'Nudge' Positive Behavior Change in the Workforce

In this episode of the NOW of Work Podcast, Lisa Sterling, Perceptyx's Chief People Officer, talked about the Perceptyx and Humu acquisition and what it means for the future of the employee experience.

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Designing a Top-Tier, Holistic Employee Experience

Creating an environment where employees can deliver your company strategy and goals - and feel good about it - is crucial. It requires data, listening and some expert analysis. Lisa Sterling, the Chief People Officer at Perceptyx, has a few pointers on what to look for, what to listen for, and who to listen to, to create a healthy work ecosystem.

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To Accurately Predict Who Will Thrive in Your Roles, Use People Analytics

Brett M. Wells, PhD, our Global Head of People Analytics, shares how to use data (census surveys, pulse and lifecycle surveys, performance reviews, and more) to help leaders make sound decisions, including about attracting, selecting, and retaining talent.

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What’s Driving the Employee Experience Now?

What steps must people leaders take in 2022 to understand not only why employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers, but what’s required to improve the experience of those who stay? Take a listen to this podcast to learn more!

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The Evolution of Employee Listening

In this podcast our CEO discusses the growing mandate to move beyond the traditional, once-a year engagement survey in favor of a more agile, continuous listening strategy that allows leaders to stay connected to an increasingly distributed workforce, and engage employees in a collaborative, inclusive exchange of ideas that inspires action.

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