Healthcare Guide: Listening On The Front Lines

Over the past six months, Perceptyx has compiled the responses of nearly 750,000 healthcare employees to a series of COVID-19 specific surveys and broader employee experience surveys. The results are illuminating, underscoring the need for effective listening programs now more than ever.


Rethinking listening strategies in the healthcare space offers an opportunity to more clearly see the way forward through the crisis while also promoting the well-being of healthcare workers. Fine-tuning your listening program to better understand what matters to your employees will pay dividends well after the COVID-19 crisis has passed—in higher engagement, lower turnover, and higher patient satisfaction. 

This Healthcare Guide will provide you with: 

  • Six key benefits of an effective listening program
  • Listening tips for crafting a better listening strategy
  • Insights from other healthcare organizations

Download our free guide to learn more about why an effective listening program is critical during and after COVID-19.