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COVID-19 Pulse Surveys

Turbulent times increase stress on and within organizations, testing our leadership, our people, and our culture -- as well as the strength of our relationships with others. As your trusted partner, we want to help you understand your employees’ perceptions of corporate response to the situation. To that end, we’ve created surveys specific to the COVID-19 pandemic that we’re offering to organizations interested.   

None of us can predict exactly how and to what extent COVID-19 will affect business. But there are several core business and leadership principles that will help build and maintain trust with employees during times like these. We know that it is important to demonstrate care for your people and communicate clearly and often, but these steps are just the beginning. 

How Perceptyx Can Help - Support Surveys

1) COVID-19 Survey: We’ve prepared a 16-question pulse survey specific to corporate responses to the pandemic. The measures in this pulse survey include indicators of confidence in leadership, perceived care for individuals, consistency in how policies are applied, effectiveness of communication efforts, and more. 

2) Managing Remote Teams Survey: This pulse survey is designed to assess the health and well-being of your employees as they adjust to the new normal working environment. With questions designed to assess aspects of agility, leadership, well-being, enablement, connectedness, and engagement in the context of a remote working environment, the results can be used to improve clarity and alignment, reduce anxiety, confusion, and stress, and offer meaningful support to employees to maintain performance and effectiveness. Here's a blog we've put together on managing remote teams, and what to consider.

3) Return to Work SurveyThe Return to Work (RTW) Survey will measure crucial needs and environmental factors for employees at every stage of the RTW/re-integration process. The survey begins with respondents indicating if they are preparing to RTW, or have already RTW. Respondents will then see items tailored to the pre or post RTW experience, as well as core items that appear in both versions. Organizations can launch this survey as a best-fit for their entire workforce.

The Return to Work survey is quick to administer (less than 30 items) and covers topics we have learned are critical to providing guidance to employers and a healthy experience for employees. Offering a RTW survey to all employees as they prepare to RTW or are recently RTW is important because:

    • Communicates to employees their experience is still a priority
    • Provides timely and actionable insights that will guide those critical first steps organizations take as they move into the next normal.
    • Key employee issues can be raised and addressed in real time to mitigate any risks to health and safety, as well as productivity and customer experience.

4) Supporting Your People Managers Survey: Manager and supervisor insights are truly invaluable to senior leadership during times like these. During disruptions, employees need managers and supervisors to not just supervise tasks, but to continue supporting their well-being and engagement. Utilize this survey to gauge how well you're supporting your managers and to gain a true local view of what is happening. 

5) Healthcare Survey: The Perceptyx healthcare survey was designed to provide leaders of healthcare organizations with quick, actionable feedback from their clinical and non-clinical staff members during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey was built with input from healthcare professionals and includes indicators of personal and leader support, safety and security, empowerment, resources and processes, purpose, burnout, and more. Respondents also have the opportunity to provide feedback in their own words, by way of two comment questions. Organizations that use the survey will be able to segment staff opinions by position (e.g., Physician, Nursing), primary work area (e.g., Patient Care Unit, Administration), Employment Status (e.g., Full-time, Temporary), Length of Service, Generation and Country.

6) Retail Survey: This survey measures the employee experiences unique to those on the front lines and supporting the operations in retail environments. Included are measurements relevant to all organizations generally including leadership, communication, adaptability, and resource enablement, as well as measurements aligned to the unique needs of retail employees including customer centricity, safety, and resilience.

7) Manufacturing Survey: We understand that the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are posing new challenges for the manufacturing industry. Now, more than ever, listening to manufacturing professionals is crucial to understand their needs and how to support them. We’ve prepared a 25-question pulse survey specific to the manufacturing population, targeted at their specific support needs in response to this pandemic. The measures in this pulse survey include indicators of safety and physical environment, pride in company, clarity of direction, empowerment, resources and support, and more.