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Neurocrine Biosciences Used Employee Listening to Stand Out in Its Field

Neurocrine Biosciences is an American pharmaceutical company with more than 1,300 employees.

Customer EX Impact Award

  • The Challenge:

    • Maintain the unique, caring, and collaborative culture of Neurocrine Biosciences during periods of rapid growth and expansion, while preventing dilution of core values.
  • The Solution:

    • Implemented a strategy focused on gathering and acting upon employee feedback through annual surveys, pulse checks, and lifecycle surveys.
    • Developed a tiered approach to action planning, with executive leadership tackling systemic issues and team leaders addressing specific team needs.
  • The Impact:

    • Achieved high levels of engagement and trust, as evidenced by a 92% response rate to the annual survey, reflecting employees' commitment to company culture.
    • Consistently surpassed the 90th percentile in industry benchmarks provided by Perceptyx, setting new standards for the employee experience within the biotech sector.
    • Fostered a culture of trust and continuous improvement.
    • Successfully attracted and retained top talent, critical for sustained growth and innovation, underscored by low turnover rates.