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Hanger Inc. Empowered Their People by Acting on Employee Listening Insights

Hanger Inc., is a leading national provider of products and services that assist in enhancing or restoring the physical capabilities of patients with disabilities or injuries.

Customer EX Impact Award

  • The Challenge:

    • Improve empowerment in the field and demonstrate organizational responsiveness to employee feedback.
  • The Solution:

    • Conducted an in-depth analysis of July survey results, followed by the implementation of significant organizational enhancements based on identified employee priorities.
    • Announced improvements to employee benefits packages and added floating holidays in response to feedback, coupled with the initiation of an ongoing listening strategy.
    • Launched an Engagement Action Plan Pulse Survey in November to evaluate the progress and impact of these initiatives.
  • The Impact:

    • Achieved a higher-than-benchmark response rate on the Employee Engagement (EE) survey, indicating strong employee involvement and interest.
    • Witnessed a significant 10% average increase in empowerment scores in the subsequent Pulse Survey, affirming the effectiveness of the actions taken and the appreciation from the field for having their voices heard and acted upon.