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ESAB Improved EX and Boosted Engagement By Acting on Employee Listening

ESAB is a Swedish company with more than 9,000 employees that combines a fabrication technology arm, which includes welding, cutting, gas control, PPE, software, and robotic equipment and a separate gas control portfolio focused on healthcare, industrial, and specialty gas control solutions.

Customer EX Impact Award

  • The Challenge:

    • Integrate and align global team members with corporate culture and strategic priorities.
    • Enhance the talent lifecycle, health & safety initiatives, and overall employee experience.
    • Address challenges in merging cultures post-acquisition, ensuring smooth onboarding of new team members.
  • The Solution:

    • Gathered feedback on communication effectiveness, talent lifecycle value, managerial interactions, team collaboration, health & safety initiatives, and overall employee experience.
    • Implemented 30-day baseline and 90-day follow-up surveys to support cultural integration post-acquisition, complemented by focus groups for in-depth insights.
    • Engaged in targeted discussions to identify improvement areas and gather innovative solutions from team members.
    • The Talent Management team monitored and supported the implementation of action plans derived from team feedback.
  • The Impact:

    • Achieved high response rates from manufacturing locations, providing a robust data set for actionable insights.
    • Identified 1-2 focus areas per location, leading to tailored action plans and ongoing monitoring of progress.
    • Shared "Survey in Action" success stories via the Intranet and TV screens at key locations to celebrate improvements and maintain visibility of positive changes.
    • Recorded double-digit favorability increases year-over-year in Change Management, Continuous Improvement, and Clarity of Direction at key manufacturing sites, evidencing the positive impact of the strategy.